Summer Doldrums


What to do when you can’t sleep? go shoot the moon of course. So around 2 AM I am out in the front yard, (neighbors think I’m crazy ūüėČ . . . . Yep), Shot a sequence of 11 frames with the DSLR 300mm lens + 1.4 tele extender, then stacked them in RegiStax6, and tweaked the results in Corel PSP 8x . . . decided to boost the color saturation as well, I usually don’t do this with the moon imaging. I liked the results. (more…)


Summertime to Damn HOT

Almost July here and I am feeling the heat . . . with temps going over the century mark (average last 2 weeks was 106 F/ 41 C) for days on end I feel like I am melting . . . much more then this piece of ice that I’d love to sit next to if it were large enough.

Beautiful Ice cube, macro mode Fuji X100

So invitingly cool (more…)

Slowing down, Life

My latest telescope, a 102mm Lunt with a Herschel Solar wedge for direct viewing of the Sun . . . Big boy Toy(s)

I am slowing down for life a bit,¬† I am not as interested in posting as I once was and as I age I find I’d rather be relaxing and enjoying Life.¬† I haven’t given up photography, just changed the interest of focus (bad pun).¬† I still modify and adapt lenses for various uses and will occasionally post a few of the more crazy ideas and endeavors here . . . I am still loving my visits to my garden (more…)

Sun Gazing

Mama told me not to, but ! what do mama know . . .

Our Star, the Sun, taken using a Coronado P.S.T. there are several solar filaments (proms) visible in this photo


Old becomes New “Once More”

Way back when I started this blog to document and share how I adapted various equipment “camera bodies”, “Lenses” to the digital realm of photography, even refinishing / refurbishing old equipment . . . My biggest problem was adaptation of lens to digital camera of various makes or digital backs to cameras or lenses.¬† Well Lets re-purpose some lenses for Astro Photography . . .

ZWO astronomical camera attached to a Nikon 50mm lens on a vixen style mount


In Plain Sight

For all my Rods & Cones I still cannot see what is in Plain Sight . . . .

This is the Rosette Nebula as seen through the eyepiece, NGC 2237, that star cluster is at the center of the Nebula.

This is the Rosette Nebula as seen through the eyepiece, NGC 2237, that star cluster is at the center of the Nebula.

So why is this and so many other Deep Sky Objects (DSO) hard to see?¬† Even DSO‘s that are as large as the¬† Full Moon (as viewed) in size.¬† (more…)

Just dropped in

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)


“Nickle & Dimed”

“To be nickled and dimed to death”

¬† Ok enough of the sayings . . . . what I am getting at is my latest adventure, hobby, pursuit, endeavor . . . yup . . . ASTRO PHOTOGRAPHY¬† .¬† I know your screwing up your forehead wondering just what and where this little tirade of mine is headed.¬† Well, you know the routine . . . you get excited about some facet of whatever it is that you are currently applying that 3 pounds of gray matter in your melon too, When much to your dismay this picture you’ve painted for yourself doesn’t fit reality! YUP ! A Fantasy Letdown . . .

Celestron AVX Mount & Camera Lens combo

(CGEM) Celestron AVX Mount & Nikon Camera 300mm f/4 AF Lens combo and a guide scope.


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