Still Kickin just focused on Stars

All Starry Eyed

M31  Andomeda Galaxy

M31 Andromeda Galaxy

I’m still around, I know I haven’t been active of late, I’ve been recovering and spending more time on life and family.  My photography has taken a bit of a side track from film & terrestrial objects to the Stars and digital captures. (more…)

Old Gold – Fast Glass

Nikkor 200mm f/2 MF lens

Nikkor 200mm f/2 MF lens mounted on a Star Adventurer astro photography mount

Here you see a rare piece of fast Nikkor glass.  It is the early Manual focus version of today’s fast VR AF version.  But I will say this . . . Fast Glass never grows old, it is just re-purposed (more…)

Marauder in Paradise

There arose a terrible commotion from the front yard, out in the tree . . . so I went out to have a look.  The Robins were raising hell with something near their nest, and a few other birds had joined in as well . . . obviously something was terribly wrong and all the poor Robins could do was squawk in protest . . . As I walked closer to get a better view of the commotion it became all to clear what was happening and who was the villain . . .

Western Scrub Jay

Western Scrub Jay


When I’m not shooting Film

The “Question” was . . . What do you do when your NOT shooting film . . .


Female Hooded Oriole

Female Hooded Oriole in my garden at my feeders . . .


What’s a paper Negative

I keep getting this question when I am out shooting or when I post a scan . . . What’s a paper negative?

paper negative

As you can see in this example image the Negative is to the left and the positive is to the right, this is a paper negative

Basically I am using photographic printing paper in place of film of the same size.  You can cut down the photographic print paper to fit any camera format or pin hole camera the same as film and (more…)

8×10 Lens board Adapter

Sinar to 6" x 6" lens board adapter

Sinar lens board to Kodak 2D 6″ x 6″ lens board adapter

I have a number of lenses already mounted in Horseman 45 & Sinar lens boards so instead of having to swap lens boards all the time I ordered a custom made adapter for my Kodak 8×10 2D . . . easier in a number of ways, yet difficult in others . . . (more…)

8×10 Camera 8×10 Paper Negatives

Me & my Eastman Kodak 2D 8x10 View Camera

Me & my Eastman Kodak 2D 8×10 View Camera

Here it is a month after I started collecting parts and fitting the pieces together to end up with this beautiful and functional 8×10 camera.  Yes I know it is not complete, I still need a few items like a rear rail, and a tripod block, but those items can wait and are not mission critical to delay making pictures.  As you can see by the smile (more…)

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