Film Equipment

The following list is Film Equipment that has been adapted for digital use as well as adapters for digital backs or DSLR’s to film camera.  I will continue to add to this list as necessary and as cameras come and go.  I still am able to use each camera for film if I choose, but find the digital ability loads more fun.  No you do not need to get all this “Shtuff” to play, but I love old cameras and lenses, I just wanted to breath a bit more life into these beloved old film cameras.


Eastman Kodak No. 2 8×10 wooden view camera (added 02/21/2016)

Eastman wooden view 5×7 No. 2 with 4×5 reduction back & modified 5×7 back

Horseman 450,  4×5 Large Format camera

Gowland  pocketview , 4×5 Large Format

Hasselblad 501c,  Medium Format, direct digital connections to PhaseOne V series digital backs

Mamiya RB 67,  Medium Format, custom DIY adapter to V series plate

Kapture Group True-Wide Digital sliding back camera (Nikon mount), (Hasselblad V back)

Nikon FTn,  35mm

Nikon FM2, 35mm

The really OLD Stuff

Argus A : 35mm

Balda Jubilette : 35mm folding camera Circa 1930

RichoFlex Super : 120mm Roll Film Square format [6×6]


Large Format  

 Nikkor LF lenses from 360/500mm-T, 300mm-M, 270mm-T, 200mm-M, 150mm-W, 75mm, 65mm,  Specialty Lenses; 210mm Macro, 120mm Macro, and a Rodenstock Imagon 250mm “Soft Focus” lens all  mounted on Sinar/Horseman lens boards.  Several other Nikkor and Fujinon lenses of various focal lengths grace my selection for various reasons as well as some antique optics used for soft focus experimentation.

Medium Format

Mamiya RB series lenses ranging from 50mm to 180mm with both tube extensions used for additional close-up, macro photography.

Hasselblad lenses 50mm, 80mm, 135mm bellows lens, standard bellows.

35mm Lenses

Nikon Lenses from 10.5mm to 500mm, specialty lenses 105 & 135 DC , 70~180mm Zoom Macro, 200mm Macro, 35mm & 85mm PC lens . . several Zooms as well as Bellows and other accessories, a few Non-Mfg lenses as well.  Non-Ai lenses, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Auto-S, 135mm f/2.8 NikkorQ Auto

Custom or DIY Lenses

Various adapters and bellows focusing elements, Helical focusing tubes and a bunch of old (100 year old lens elements) lenses, found lenses and other experimental items for soft focus photography that work on everything from formats of 35mm to 4×5 film sizes.

Digital back  Phaseone H-20 V series, 16mp back

Digital adapters

4×5 adapters from Kapture Group, and a generic sliding back adapter

MF adapters; various Kapture Group plates for Hasselblad V series backs, and DIY camera to adapter interface for the Mamiya RB camera.

Several generic 35mm to 4×5 back adapters

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