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Nikon DSLR Cameras dominate the roost here as well as a slew of  FX and DX lenses from an old 500mm f/4P that sees a lot of wildlife action, 200mm f/4 micro for great macro work to 10.5 full frame fish-eye (DX).  Nikkor Zooms are in the bag with my fave lens being the 70~200 VR original series.  Current cameras in da house are the D200, D2xs, D7000 and an Infrared modified D50.  Also on board is a Casio HS EX-FH25 used for high speed photography (Come on Nikon give me at least 120 FPS) and creative video usage.

What camera gets the most usage? well the D7000 is the current go to camera for the field, the venerable D200 stays on the macro bench and the D2xs is the backup for everything . . . and on those bright sunny boring days during those “the lights all wrong time, middle of the day” the Infrared modified D50 makes an appearance with the 18~70mm kit lens.

And all the crap that one normally has, bags, filters, flashes, clamps junk . . . if the ground ever turns to quicksand I would be sunk in the blink of an eye.

Phase One: Currently I own a model H-20 16MP digital Back in V series mount (Hasselblad), this is a tethered only back meaning it required some form of computer or special capture device to capture and store pictures (Lots of support equipment when it travels to the field).  I would say it takes about as much effort as using a Large Format 4×5 studio camera for field photography, which is not bad at all.

Fave walk-about camera: Well I picked up a little Fuji X100 (Original model) and the auxiliary wide angle attachment, What a fun little camera, I tend to use it for everything and especially now for photos for the post here. I find it to be a very versatile camera.

Wish List: What’s on the camera wish list?  Nikon D600, D750, D800e , Fuji’s  X100(S,T) play toy, Fuji’s new Medium format camera, Sony NEX-FS700U Super 35 Camcorder for its Super Slow modes as I would like it to start doing Documentaries and wildlife videos . .  and maybe a few lens upgrades.

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