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If you follow this blog I apologize for my absence of writing, I haven’t had much time to be creative and have lost interest in many of the things that have brought me joy related to the subjects here . . . I have not worked with film, photo paper or even my film cameras of late . . . I am contemplating selling most of my film equipment and related items.  Most if not all Large format equipment is to go.   I will post a link to items and a contact email address if there is any interest.  At 66 I find lugging heavy equipment does me more harm than good (6 herniated discs along with degenerative disc disease kinda get in the way) and now with a pace maker installed I am focusing more on enjoying family.

Don’t worry, I still am shooting and enjoying a few evenings a week in the back yard observing the heavens with my telescopes, I am enjoying photographing my Hummingbirds as well.  I will not remove any of the developing, equipment reviews or other posts related to Large Format or my experiments related to caffenol posts or other informative posts like that . . . I will probably roll this blog up into a information blog, removing non informative posts.  I finally retired my Nikon D7000 and replaced it with a new D500 & 200~500 nikkor lens . . . I still love to go birding when I can.

Thanks for all the comments and kind emails . . . I have enjoyed sharing . . . I’m not gone (totally) but will not be posting with the vigor I once did here.  Remember, get off your butt, get out, shoot often and push yourself to do better or try something new.   Much like the era of film, I am fading away.

Enjoy finding nuggets in the posts here . . . it’s time to turn off the safe light, dump the developer and wash out the last of the fixative . . . I might contemplate a writing an autobiography of my film days if that doesn’t seem to presumptuous of me . . . anyway


DigiPainTeR . . . aka (Tim)

is outta here

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