A Random Act

titled:”I Tickle You” , Macro, Digital, fuji x100

Thoughts, Actions, Ideas . . . everyday.   It just happens, why? because we are not automatons . . . Yes we have structure as life on a whole is a lot better that way.  Interspersed in that structure are those random seeds, how we act upon them can result in a creative moment.  The photo above is just such an event, a random moment captured and now shared.  Why random, we I did not start out that morning to make photos of ants, nope, I was intent on destroying as many of the little invaders as possible.  Hot weather drives them in, I can live without them in the house.   I am always touting to see creatively in your daily lives, as many a photo opportunity can present itself.

I did set out later that same day to visit some friends in another town, it being Memorial Day I grabbed my camera thinking I might see something of interest along the way to photograph, I also remembered that the local cemetery had a huge display of flags lining the area honoring the fallen military buried there.  The little camera I drag along for these impromptu (Random) outings isn’t one of my top end cameras, or old film cameras or even a medium or Large Format camera . . . instead it is my little fuji x100 and the auxiliary wide angle attachment lens.  I also have an Infrared filter I can attach if I want to shoot IR photos.  The little Fuji x100 is a wonderful tag along camera, very capable for landscapes, street photography or just a quick snap here and there.

titled: “Remember the Fallen”, infrared, fuji x100

Why infrared,  I just decided to experiment, there was a bit of a breeze and I wanted movement but what I didn’t want was another photo like everyone else or like what I have done before.  It gave me the mood I wanted.

I tend to experiment a lot when using the little fuji x100, more so then with any of my other cameras.  I still am using a 1st edition model x100 . . . it just works even though I do want either a Fuji Xe or Pro series so I can play with various lenses (another Random adventure) I just haven’t needed one.

I need to take my own advice at times, yeah I haven’t been posting much, not that I can’t I am just lazy and enjoying other areas of life (Not everything needs a post).   I do need to keep that camera close, I still despise my camera phone, but the newest ones on the market are really getting good, I can spend a grand elsewhere however,  and not! on a phone.

Be random, experiment, don’t get caught in that daily RUT. . . . life is so much more fun.

dis is Digi . . . aka(Tim)

I’m outta here


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