A Rose by any Color

Rosette Nebula Feb 2017

Well it all started with this beautiful Nebula called the Rosette. . . Here I am doing things with my trusty Nikon d7000 . . . but I soon progress to dedicated cameras and special software and techniques . . . Another go at the Rosette . . .

H-alpha image of the Rosette Nebula

Traded my Nikon for a 4/3rds mono sensor chip packaged by ZWO

the ZWO asi 1600mm Pro cooled astro camera. and a fist full of filters in RGB and Narrow band Ha, Oiii, Sii . . .

Let the colors come in . . . the Narrow Band images I am making are made using the following, and it depends on which one(s) you assign to the R G B order.  There are some standards like HOO, SHO and many more options . . . some gaudy and some rather pretty.

Rosette Nebula Ha+RGB

Here a Ha layer is added to the standard RGB channels. . .

Here I used the Ha and Oiii filters.


the previous image is close to the HST Hubble Pallet


the last one is my fave so far . . .

Rosette in HOO pallet, using Ha (R), Oiii (G), Oiii (B) to obtain these colors.

As you can see not only has quality come up, due to the change in cameras, not that the Nikon was not up to the task, but it was not modified for astro imaging.  So to get the images like I am getting would require very long exposures.  I am currently shooting 3 minute exposures with out guiding the mount which saves one more thing when setting up.    I am just blown away by what I can get from my back yard using very modest equipment.

Yes I have several telescopes now and a special camera with special filters and some special accessories but it’s just so  F  U  N  !

I have a long way to go, and LOADS to learn.  So stay tuned, I’ll be adding some of my crazy astro photography . . .

Narrow Band H alpha, ZWO asi1600mm Pro


Warning Astro Bling . . . .

The Gear . . well just some of it.

The Fun Stuff . . .

Speaking of fun I am outta here.



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