What are the Odds?

Composite photo from video of ISS transiting the 2017 Solar Eclipse

What are the ODDS? on AUGUST 21st, 2017

As captured here are the first 6 frames from video of ISS during transit, I am shooting at 120 FPS there are only 60 frames showing the ISS. How fast is the ISS traveling? it Travels at 17,150 miles per hour (that’s about 5 miles per second!), image is inverted.

The Gear . . . .


H-Alpha Camera setup; 100mm nikkor lens, Quark Filter, ZWO asi120MC-s camera, iOptron mount tracking Sun, laptop with hood for video capture.

Yes that’s my little side yard where I do almost all my Hummingbird photography, it has been a really hot and unbearable summer with temps well above the 100 degree F mark (38 C) . . . but that is for a different post at a different time.

I barely perceived the blip as it passed through the frame on the PC as I monitored the capture, it was only later in the day that I knew I had captured a rare image as someone posted a composite photo from NASA of the same transit of the ISS.  Well off I went into my files and started to review the images/videos I had captured and then there it was . . . my 3rd video capture showed a jerky blip on the same trajectory as the NASA photos.  Although NOT as high quality as the NASA images it was indeed the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the Eclipse.  What where the ODDS? Had I pressed the record just a few seconds later and I’d have never captured this sequence.  I am not going to lay awake pondering the ODDS . . . but I do marvel at the fact that with some simple equipment I was able to capture this very rare and unique event, also to be able to show and share it with you my followers.

I will post a few more of the interesting Eclipse photos as I process them . . . I only saw a 73% obscuration of the Sun . . . but it was an enjoyable event non the less.

I am Digipainter . . . aka (Tim), I’m a photographer, an amateur astronomer, a Ham Radio operator (KQ6UF), an artist, a Father, a Grandfather, a Husband, a man, a human (Homo sapiens), of planet Earth ( the 3rd rock from our Sun), which resides in a small lesser arm (Orion Arm) of the Milky Way Galaxy, just a small lonely blue spec lost in the greater cosmos . . . .

What are the ODDS ?


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