Summer Doldrums


What to do when you can’t sleep? go shoot the moon of course. So around 2 AM I am out in the front yard, (neighbors think I’m crazy 😉 . . . . Yep), Shot a sequence of 11 frames with the DSLR 300mm lens + 1.4 tele extender, then stacked them in RegiStax6, and tweaked the results in Corel PSP 8x . . . decided to boost the color saturation as well, I usually don’t do this with the moon imaging. I liked the results.

So yes I am still around . . . rumors of my demise are just wistful fantasy . . . but! it has been so terribly hot this Summer with daily temperatures often going above 100 F / 38C for days on end.  The Summer AC bill is killin me 😦 but what can we do . . . I have pets and peeps that sleep all day and night.  Speaking of night, with daily temps so high the nights stay hot as well, so, opening the windows isn’t an option.  I’ve slept in intense heat when I served  in the Navy during Desert Storm and the interior of the ship was so hot (the ships AC system depended on the water temp of the ocean, funny thing about sea water, it holds heat) one would sweat so bad that you’d be soaked when you woke up . . . and even a shower didn’t cool one down.   So sleeping isn’t pleasant, daytime outdoor activities are not pleasant, plus the air is full of particulates from several wildfires (makes breathing a bitch) . . . I am waiting for Winter and hoping it’s a cold one . . .  I can always get warm.

OK OK I agree enough Bitchin n Moaning . . . that was why I posted the photo above . . . I basically did a short burst of photos (11) and stacked the in RegiStax6, that program helps get the most out of your pix by helping pull up detail (you can google the program and read about it, suffice to say it works and the wavelet section does wonders with detail).   Next I ran it through a few adjustment layers in Corel PSP 8x (inexpensive Photoshop for the masses who are not rich), and also pulled up the saturation to show the true colors of the moon.  Most photos show the detailed moon as a bland grey, I am guilty also of this as I am usually just interested in the finer details . . . but . . . there is color there if we choose to NOT wash it out.   Those are the true colors of the moon, and I thought I would share.

Well that’s it . . . mebbe I’ll catch a few zzzzz’s . . .

Later 😉 this is Digi (aka Tim) get off yer duff and go take a picture, beat the Doldrums!


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