Summertime to Damn HOT

Almost July here and I am feeling the heat . . . with temps going over the century mark (average last 2 weeks was 106 F/ 41 C) for days on end I feel like I am melting . . . much more then this piece of ice that I’d love to sit next to if it were large enough.

Beautiful Ice cube, macro mode Fuji X100

So invitingly cool   I guess I might take my mind off the oppressive heat with some macro Ice photography today.  I will go by the river which is cresting above its normal banks this week . . . it is flooding homes and fields in low lying areas along the King’s River, and many other rivers along the Central Valley’s of California, filled with the melting snow from this winters rains.  The dams are at their Max capacities and letting out water to maintain safe levels, and while this is filling our rivers to the point of over flowing making them an inviting deadly cold swift flow.  Warnings and threats of fines keep most out, but a few do tempt fate, most will win, but, there will be a few who don’t, those who don’t will perish for their rash act and loose their lives . . . already the rivers have claimed lives.  Sadly . . . oh so sadly there is yet more to follow.

Melting ice, Macro mode Fuji X100

I spent 20 minutes outside this morning, I came back in sweating, T-shirt heavy and wet with sweat . . . beads turning to rivulets flowing down my brow to my face and falling to the ground . . . much like the snow melting from the mountains . . . drip by drip, rivulet to creek to small streams to bigger and bigger rivers . . . all that water rushing down . . . down down the mountains, over raging waterfalls, down to the lakes and dams . . . over spill ways, down aqueducts and rivers . . . rushing down, down, down . . .   eventually most of it will meet with the pacific ocean, some will have peculated into the underground aqueducts and some will have made it to water fields of growing food.

This is the Valley, the heat, the sun the life . . . did I mention it is Hot today . . . they say it will be under 100 my Monday,  somehow when it’s 99 degrees F/ 37C and below it just feels cooler . . . it’s a psychological thing . . . anything below 100 is cooler, wouldn’t you agree?  Back to my Ice . . . it’s melting and my camera is calling to me to make a few more abstract macro pictures . . . it somehow makes the 80 degrees the AC is set to seem cooler and distracts me from the heat . . . just outside the doors.

This is a warmer year, it is cyclic and eventually will return to norms . . . stay safe, have fun, and if it’s to hot to go out and play, then grab some ice and as it melts try your hand at macro abstracts . . . it’s refreshingly fun.

Tim . . . (AKA) digipainter . . . is outta here.


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