Slowing down, Life

My latest telescope, a 102mm Lunt with a Herschel Solar wedge for direct viewing of the Sun . . . Big boy Toy(s)

I am slowing down for life a bit,  I am not as interested in posting as I once was and as I age I find I’d rather be relaxing and enjoying Life.  I haven’t given up photography, just changed the interest of focus (bad pun).  I still modify and adapt lenses for various uses and will occasionally post a few of the more crazy ideas and endeavors here . . . I am still loving my visits to my garden by various bird life and other critters . . .

Male House Finch

or late night Deep Space Imaging  . . . leaving me yawning throughout the following day . . .

M51 Spiral Galaxy and associated objects.  This is an hours worth of light to reveal these objects.

I find DSO imaging a challenge with both telescope and camera lenses, it takes a lot of work and some luck to capture these images and to think that the light I am capturing started its long journey before we as a race ever appeared on this mudball we call earth . . . I think that is pretty damn impressive myself.

And yet . . . I still enjoy my garden and the view from my kitchen window with its various visitors . . .

Two different male Orioles

Or spending the morning just Sun-Gazing



Our Sun in H alpha

or walking out and seeing the moon and Venus hanging in the morning sky . . .

yes I am slowing down a bit . . . Life is fun, life and family are to be enjoyed . . .

I’m still here . . . and my posts will come less often. Hopefully they’ll be just as interesting, and occasionally informative.

So with that said, get off yer butt people and go make some photographs . . . . doesn’t matter if it is digital or film . . . heck . . .  how long has it been since you used a crayon . . . just get up, look up, look down go outside, and remember, take only photographs, leave only footsteps (if you must) and smell the flowers . . .

I’m outta here . . . Digi . . . aka (Tim)


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