Hello & Goodby, “So long, and Thanks for all the fish”


the Whirlpool Galaxy M51, Orion ED80 Telescope / D7000

Here we are

at the end




In Roughly

48 hours

from now

we will

welcome in


M97 the Owl Nebula

M97 the Owl Nebula, Orion ED80 Telescope / D7000


I have been enjoying a new facet of photography of late, no it doesn’t involve film, but does use some of the same lenses I use for my film cameras.  It would be counter productive for me to do film.  Yes it can be done, but why, other then the challenge and just to have bragging rights to say “I did it”.  Well I will leave this idea to ferment on the back burner.

2016 in review;

  • I completed refurbishing two (2) Large format cameras, 5×7 & 8×10
  • tried, tested and use paper negatives & Positive paper photos
  • Had heart issues, a short stay and procedure in the Hospital and I am back to 99%
  • Raised a new Bird from egg to hand tamed
  • a Whim diverted me to try my hand at Astro Photography, Deep Space Photography
  • Learning everything I can pertaining to Long Exposure DSLR Astro Photography
  • Got a spiffy Used telescope & Mount
  • LOL all that STUFF that comes with a Telescope just to take photos of the stars
  • OH NO . . . MORE STUFF for Astro Photography & More books to read
  • PRACTICE . . . PRACTICE . . . PRACTICE . . .
  • New Software? you betcha . . . More PRACTICE

2017 what’s coming;

  • More Practice with processing the Astro photos
  • mebbe a new telescope
  • mebbe a modified DSLR camera
  • mebbe a B&W specialty camera

Seems that I have a new challenge and some new goals, but you know what! Life is fun and I enjoy a challenge.  You can look forward to my successes and failings over this next year as I teach myself the art of Deep Space Astro Photography.  The equipment I will use, the software I will use and the skills I will hopefully gain.  LMAO and here I thought photographing all year from my kitchen window was a challenge, you remember all those hummingbirds in 2013.  Well taking photos like those above have proved difficult, you want easy? go shoot star trails, or go out and do some light painting night photography . . . you’ll have much less frustration and 100% more success, as well as less money out of your pocket for taking your gal out or a pizza & 6 pack.

I will be doing some Spring Cleaning this year, some film cameras and lenses as well as some other photo gear will be finding new homes.  I just have way to much SHHHHTUFF ! (that will be for another post).

Well kido’s, speaking of SHTUFF, I need get some things done . . .  here is a photo of one iteration for doing Astro Photography. BTW that’s is the same lens I used in 2013 to photograph 90% of the hummingbirds from my kitchen window . . .  ain’t it purdy?

Celestron AVX Mount & Camera Lens combo

Celestron AVX Mount & Nikon Camera / Lens combo with guide scope


and here is the other tool I am playing with . . .


That’s a wrap everyone . . . .

See you all NEXT YEAR.

now get off your duff and go make a few pix.

that Quote in the title ” So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is the fourth book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ‘cycle’ written by Douglas Adams.”


2 thoughts on “Hello & Goodby, “So long, and Thanks for all the fish”

    • Well heya Ron, That really depends . . . My reason for that statement is as follows. That same price point brings a number of mid range CCD cameras designed specifically for Astro photography, Each has its pros & cons . . . Then there is also the option of having a standard camera body modified (cost point is good as well) . . . So does my future hold a Nikon 810A? It will depend on what path my photo efforts focus on 😉 . . .

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