Still Kickin just focused on Stars

All Starry Eyed

M31  Andomeda Galaxy

M31 Andromeda Galaxy

I’m still around, I know I haven’t been active of late, I’ve been recovering and spending more time on life and family.  My photography has taken a bit of a side track from film & terrestrial objects to the Stars and digital captures. I have always loved looking at the heavens and all the objects that swirl about our night skies.  So I bought a small  mount and as usual my Obsessive/Compulsive  nature have propelled me into a totally new direction for a bit.  I now have a full blown Astrophotography setup with Telescope and Mount and loads and loads of the minutia that is needed to just capture the data required to bring images to life using my Nikon D7000 and some of my Nikkor Lenses as well.

the Super Moon of 2016

the Super Moon of 2016

Not everything is taxing to photograph, Our moon provides an interesting target that changes day to day, oh wait, that’s night to night.  Capturing its many faces is as challenging as a fleeting expression, add to the challenge the weather which can lock you out from viewing the heavens . . .

the Orion Nebula

M42 the Orion Nebula


Other Distractions

  Well that hasn’t been all that has my attention, I also have a new member to the Flock here . . . just 2 months old and already full of character, we have a new Cockatiel (Izzy) . . . an adopted egg which was hatched by a pair of my Cockatiel that were sitting non viable eggs.

A baby Cockatiel 10-07-16

A baby Cockatiel 10-07-16


Socializing a Dinosaur

Socializing a Dinosaur


Socializing with my Granddaughter

Socializing with my Granddaughter


6 weeks

6 weeks


2 Months old and now flying and enjoying life

Now 2 Months old and now flying and enjoying life and showing its character.

So what am I doing? I am enjoying life.  Christmas is approaching, Family is more important and I wold hope this post finds all my friends and family happy and well.  Blessings be to all.


Signing off, I am having fun and occasionally making a photo or just observing the world.  I will write more of my venture into Astrophotography, Nikon lenses what works, what doesn’t for astrophotography, what software and all that support equipment for taking a portrait of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) . . .

Digi aka (Tim)



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