Marauder in Paradise

There arose a terrible commotion from the front yard, out in the tree . . . so I went out to have a look.  The Robins were raising hell with something near their nest, and a few other birds had joined in as well . . . obviously something was terribly wrong and all the poor Robins could do was squawk in protest . . . As I walked closer to get a better view of the commotion it became all to clear what was happening and who was the villain . . .

Western Scrub Jay

Western Scrub Jay

  A Scrub Jay had found the newly built nest of the Robins and as best as I could figure their four sky blue eggs as well.  There was much thrashing and then it was over, with a sudden rush and explosion of wings and squawks the Jay, Robins an a few nearby songbirds burst from the clump of leaves and bits of nest flying madly away from the scene victims an marauder all screaming . . .

It is not uncommon for a Scrub Jay to do what I just described, Western Scrub-Jays eat mostly insects and fruit during spring and summer, and switch to nuts and seeds during fall and winter. They eat small animals such as lizards and nestling birds, sometimes shadowing adult birds to find their nests.  Sadly for the pair of Robins, their nest of eggs or hatchlings became lunch.

And as for the Robins and their nest . . . Nature tells them that this is no longer a safe spot, so they will move to a new location and try again I hope.

So goes life, that is the way of wild things and of Nature . . . life is short, life is precious

even in our own fairly safe environment life is short and precious . . .

I am trying to live by that credo as much as possible and not take any of my time for granted as Natures clock is ticking and there are no do overs or time outs for that clock. . . so get off your duffs and make the most of it.

Digipainter . . . aka Tim is out and about . .

  • Not everything needs to be recorded or captured

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