8×10 Lens board Adapter

Sinar to 6" x 6" lens board adapter

Sinar lens board to Kodak 2D 6″ x 6″ lens board adapter

I have a number of lenses already mounted in Horseman 45 & Sinar lens boards so instead of having to swap lens boards all the time I ordered a custom made adapter for my Kodak 8×10 2D . . . easier in a number of ways, yet difficult in others . . .I plan to play a bit to discover what lenses I want to mount on dedicated lens boards for the 8×10 as well as having the option to experiment with other NON-traditional lenses.  Here is a quick look at the adapter which adds about 2 inches to the camera, it was well made but I still made a few adjustments to it . . . like adding felt in the Sinar side of the lens board to keep the boards tight, and painted the interior surfaces flat black to cut down reflections, and take the rough edge off the lower brass holder plate.  Other then that I was pleased with the custom adapter and the cost.  I could have made it yes but I am a bit burned out with the fabrication of “SHHHTUFF” and wanting back out to play . . .


left side view

left side view


right side view

right side view


Yes that is a soft focus Imagon mounted . . . I plan on playing a bit with that lens as well.

Straight on look into an Imagon

Straight on look into an Imagon Soft Focus lens


The Rodenstock Imagon 250 f/5.8  is not really for the 8×10 it does illuminate the entire 8×10 area but is wildly soft (I like the effect) and therefore will be extremely fun to play with.   We shall see, there are a ton of people whom will disagree totally with me but hey that is ok they are right, I am just doing what I usually do . . . coloring outside the lines, stepping out of the Norm . . . . being creative . . .

I also have an adapter I am finishing for my lenses mounted for my 5×7 2D to the 8×10 as well . . . Those old brass lenses I have cover the 8×10 with plenty to spare . . . And I have a few soft focus experimental lenses like the Wollaston Meniscus lens to try out 😉  . . . . pics to follow soon.  I need to find a new model as my last one moved away.

Get off yer Butt! go make a photo . . . eh!


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