Part III – Hide Glue n Clamps

Hip bone connected to the Leg Bone . . . Leg bone connected to the Foot bone . . .

Gluing the parts back together . . squaring and clamping

Gluing the parts back together . . squaring and clamping

Thanks goodness I do not have to have a Hot Pot with Hide Glue bubbling (smelling terrible), welcome to the 21st Century with Titebond Hide Glue which is used for furniture and fine musical instrument restoration . . . and it is in a squeeze bottle.  Damn Nice indeed.  So this part(s) the main rail has been stripped and dried, now in the clamps & squared, now I’ll turn to the main block which will be stripped and a few minor repairs after which I will stain and shellac . . . Oh as long as the brass is off those items will get a quick buff . . . again not looking for a high polished look but a soft glow of aged brass.

pressure clamp of joint

pressure clamp of joint


Corner clamped and pressure clamped

Corner clamped and pressure clamped, will reseat the gear pins when glue sets

Oh yeah . . . easy cleanup with a damp cloth. It is looking good, I figure I can do this while I sit about recovering from the flu . . . . a little here a little there, each little thing gets me closer to shooting some 8×10 paper negs.

Enough! get off your butts and go make a picture . . . Tim . . . aka (DigiPainTeR)


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