Part II More Parts

Complete 8x10 back

Complete 8×10 back



Folding Front base & Rail

Folding Front base & Rail

All parts are accounted for to put together a working 8×10.  I did need to make a minor adjustment to fit the front standard guides so they would travel without binding.  Albeit this was a common practice during assembly to compensate for variance and loose tolerances as well as the joints need to be tightened back up most likely a re-glue job  . . .  No big deal really, but because I am removing the finish along with a millimeter of wood down each side  this will lead me to refinishing this beautiful camera.  So with that in mind I went by the local hardware for more supplies, stain, varnish, paint remover and polish.  I will be refinishing the wood but the brass will get just a general cleaning and buff as this is going to be a working camera and not a display piece . . . I will have to order some #2 x 5/8″ brass screws to attach the rear bellow frame (Our local hardware stores are sad sources nowadays) . . . .

back view of film back & focusing screen

back view of film back & focusing screen


all the wood and brass

all the wood and brass


tucked up

tucked up

thinking ahead

thinking ahead, sorry for the fuzzy photo I’ll replace it later.

Well Part II is done . . . now on to the refinishing of this beauty . . .

Happy days . . .


Get off your butts and go make a photograph . . .


P.S. Thank you Luther Gerlach this project would not be going places with out you.  Want to see a real Large Format camera guy . . . go here Luther Gerlach


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