Part II – Parts is Parts – Bellows

New 8x10 Bellows

New 8×10 Bellows

What the Postman delivered today . . . A beautiful 8×10 bellows

So after I finished my chores about the house I opened the package and pulled this beautifully crafted RED bellows.  I was most impressed as the vendor (a Japanese fellow) installed as part of the bellows the inner frames that help attach the bellows to the rear and front wooden standards, they are pre-drilled as well and in the proper locations. The rear frame is notched as well for the swivel points in the rear standard.  WOW well worth the money.  The material is synthetic (I really did not want a leather one or faux leather as) my build is not for display but as an actual working unit of the camera.  So the synthetic bellows is the right choice it is supple and yet rigid and it will help keep the weight down.

test fitting the bellows

test fitting the bellows to front and rear standards


So Purdy!

So Purdy!


well that’s the post for the day. I have tried a few spots on the brass, nothing so far is touching the patina (it is heavily textured to the touch) so I may not try and polish the brass parts (just yet) . . . I will have to think a bit more. It is a work in progress at this point and the choices abound as to how much I wish to detail it.

So there ya have it, an update.  Waiting for more parts



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