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Hand me that fiber based paper please!

Hand me that fiber based paper please!

Handed my friend my camera for a quick selfie of me . . . . and she did an excellent job, after all she’s a pro photographer in her own right . . . . and besides, what are friends for but to take those shots that could be . . . . compromising . . . . (special shout out to my great photography friend Rhea Q.) . . . Now back to the premise of that title . . .

How do you approach your subject? one shot then move on? or do you work your subject and try and find different compositions that work?

All photos where made with my fave walk about camera (Fuji X100) + WCL wide angle attachment + Hoya 72R infrared filter.


Vertical (portrait orientation)

theOffice-No6654Horizontal (Landscape orientation)


Hagshead No.6583

titled:”Hagshead No.6583″


Hagshead No.6587

titled: “Hagshead No.6587”

Not all compositions work, but just because you are drawn to a subject, in the case of “Hagshead” it was the grass clump that had my attention.  A lot of landscapes I see online are just snapshots (ideas in work), most could be so much more with just a bit more thought like using (Near – Far) relationships.  In your photography you can draw your viewer further into your image by having a subject in the foreground that grabs your viewers interest and ten leads the eye further in to the background.  No it doesn’t always work, nor is there always something in the foreground, but when there is use it to add interest to your photo.   You can also use what might be in the environment to frame your subject as well.

Oh you don’t need a big bag of glass to make great shots, limit yourself to one or two fixed prime lenses or better yet just one lens and learn how to use your sneakers to zoom in and out to control your composition.  Most of all, take a few more minutes to work your subject, scene, find a different point of view, down low, up high, something other then eye-level, and don’t forget turn around and look at what all the other photographers are missing. Use the equipment that really matters . . . nope it isn’t your camera, or special lens . . . nope not a filter or special software . . . . nope, it’s the 6″ behind the cameras viewfinder (or live view screen) . . .

Tree No.6577

Tree No.6577

Now get off your butt and go take/make a photo, doit! NOW!



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