New Beginnings – Part I

Kodak 8 x 10 D2

Kodak 8 x 10 2-D with a 35mm canister for size reference

Bringing an 8″ x 10″ wooden folding camera back to life from scavenged parts . . .

So what does a photographer do when he is bored? Well he does the obvious, he goes big, old and fun.  My latest project camera this beautiful beginnings to an 8″ x 10″ Eastman Kodak 2-D folding field camera.  Complete front and rear standards anyway, it still needs the main rail and bellows just to be a functional camera body. Why? Tim !   . . . . why? well because it is 8″ x 10″ and what better then this to make paper negatives that can be direct printed “Contact Printed”.So here I go with a totally new project camera . . . I have a focusing back & bellows on their way as well as the wooden folding bottom rail. I will have to fit the bellows into the rear and front standards (that means screws, nails and possibly glue), but before that bellows can be attached I will have to ensure everything else is functioning.  So we start by gathering the parts . . . you have to start somewhere 🙂

The basic to-do list

  • Gather the parts
  • clean and repair all minor / major damage as required
  • decide if refinishing is required, aren’t we just purdy
  • the Brass, clean, polish and re lacquer or leave as is
  • ensure all parts are functioning
  • make new view screen if required
  • install bellows . . . puttin on your red dress!!
  • make a standard lens board
  • make a lens board adapter for the smaller 4″ x 4″ boards
  • test and check for light leaks and repair as required
  • go shoot some test shots . . . taking this Gal out on the town
  • have a beer and enjoy this wonderful working tool

So there you have it, doesn’t sound like much but believe me . . . . that’s enough.

More to follow

Part II – Parts is Parts

Part III – Clean them bones

Part IV – The RED Bellows

Part V – Shine on you crazy 2-D

Part VI – Are we Light Tight

Part VII – We be shootin


anyway that’s the plan for my newest paper waster (paper Negatives that is) . . . with this post you are as up to date as I am.

Get off your butt and go out and shoot!!!


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