Slight of Hand

Two Lenses, Two Shots, without shutters.

Test images

Test images, one per lens/camera setup.

I wanted to share the results of two test shots made with two brass lenses I mounted on my 5×7 Large Format camera using the Harman Direct Positive Paper in place of film.  My garden Gnome Clyde set in as the Model for this quick back yard shoot.  The camera was set up and focused with the Aplanat lens first as it was easier to control the exposure as it has an aperture and also since neither lens has a shutter meaning I had to use the lens cap or some other method to time the exposure.  The camera remained set in position and only the lenses were changed, and refocused.


Aplanat Test 1 photo

Aplanat Lens test shot using the Brass Aplanat f/8 ~ f/64 (Rapid Rectilinear) Lens shooting Harman Direct Positive paper rated @ ISO=3, 8 seconds @ f/22. It is slightly over exposed I think 7 seconds would have retained detail in the highlights (counting off seconds verbally and using the lens cap as the shutter) . . . not bad for the first test of this lens/paper positive combo.


Petzval Test 1 photo

Petzval Test 1 photo

The Old Brass Petzval projection lens, shooting Harman Direct Positive paper rated @ ISO=3, 3 Seconds @ f/5.6? added 2 stop (taped an ND 4 to the rear of the lens) reduction, this came out a bit underexposed I could have given it 4 seconds I believe and held detail in the highlights. Not bad for the first shot with this lens, Lens cap shutter and verbal count.

I learned a bit from shooting the two lenses which will help me further on when I take these out to shoot some other photos I have in mind.  I was able to tape an ND filter inside the camera behind the Petzval to slow the exposure time (it worked great).  I also learned that shooting using your hand/lens cap as a shutter (slow times of 1 second or longer).

Aplanat Lens

Aplanat Lens f/8 ~ f/64


Rectilinear/Aplanat f/8 ~ f/64

Rectilinear/Aplanat f/8 ~ f/64


11 " Petzval

11 ”  Petzval


5x7 View Camera with 3 early lenses

5×7 View Camera with 3 early lenses


I am out and about, playing with some old equipment, expanding my knowledge my skills and most of all having fun, and at times with a bit of Slight of Hand I am coaxing those photons to gather as an latent image which later I will through the use of household products I will bring to fruition as an image . . . .

what fun . . . get off your butt and go make a picture.

Digipainter . . . aka Tim


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