The Last Frame

Ello . . . . Whaaaaat!

Ello . . . . Whaaaaat!


Merry Christmas . . . . Happy Holidays . . . . Feliz Navidad . . . Happy Hanukkah . . .  or whatever greeting you prefer . . . but for here . . . it is Merry Christmas.   The 25th has come and gone . . . we are closing in for the end of the year.   So . . . Out with the old 2015 and in with the new 2016 and we’ll all be another year older and wishfully wiser.  I do hope everyone got what they wanted for Xmas . . . I know I did. (One) to be with my Family and friends, (Two) a new toy (attachment) for my little Fuji X100 . . . the WCL-100 auxiliary Wide angle lens attachment.

Fuji Wide Conversion Lens

Fuji Wide Conversion Lens

So does this make my wife an enabler? to my GAS camera addiction? most likely not.  But I do like to wider angle of view.  The little conversion lens does not add much weight, it actually makes it more stable in my opinion (I will post comparison shots in my next Fuji X100 post).

So what’s the plans or on the to-do lists for the coming year?

  • Using the Eastman No.2 wooden view I have restored
  • Learning how to shoot the New Harmon Direct Positive paper
  • Learning new techniques for Paper Negatives
  • Exploring some old landscape haunts with the 5×7 camera & 4×5 camera
  • maybe a cross country trip
  • More trips to Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks
  • Yellowstone & Grand Canyon trips
  • More Coastal Trips (Ca)

Well that’s the extent of my plans so far . . . we’ll see where it all goes next year.  Speaking of Large format photography and paper negatives . . . I am waiting for Tim Layton’s video course on the “paper negative” . . .  and while I wait for that,  I am shooting a bit with the 4×5 and the 6 X 12 cm roll-film back . . .

Landscapes with the Gowland 4x5 and a Horseman 6 x 12 roll film back

Landscapes with the Gowland 4×5 and a Horseman 6 x 12 roll film back


and here is the digital version from the same position shot with the Fuji X100

Twisted tree

Twisted tree, Fuji X100 in B&W +Y mode


I tell ya . . . I am lovin my little Fuji X100.

I am still waiting to get out and shoot the last frame of this roll of TX-400 . . . Going to be using Caffenol and will need to pay attention to the processing as this type film has a purplish anti-halation backing that can screw with scanning . . . so a proper fix and wash are in order for this roll of film.  Speaking of Caffenol I will be trying it on the Harmon Positive Paper when I go out to shoot that stuff . . . getting impatient but need to watch what light I go out in as it is very High Contrast and what I would normally go shooting in would have me crying because of the high contrast properties . . . I will also be ordering some Ilford paper to use for the same purpose (Paper Negatives) and process.  I will also be trying out some stand development of the Harmon Paper Negatives in Rodinal . . . .

Waiting patiently for me to load the holders and pick a place to visit is my newest project camera . . . the Eastman No. 2 wooden view camera (5×7) I finally finished my restorations to this.

5x7 View Camera with 3 early lenses

5×7 View Camera with 3 early lenses

I cannot wait to get out and shoot with my 5×7 . . . seems weird but I have worked hard to get to this stage . . .

OK . . . so while I recover from Xmas festivities and get ready to call this year over this will probably be the last post of the year.

Bungee my Curious CAG

Bungee my Curious CAG

So from my buddy “Bungee my African Grey” . . . I hope everyone has a great finish for this year and I will see everyone Next Year . . . . My camera is on the last Frame . . . I’ll see you on the other side . . .

DigiPainTeR . . . . aka (Tim)


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