Fuji you spoil me

my Grand Daughter X100, f/2, 1/40th sec, ISO 1600, Macro mode, B&W+Y simulation

my Grand Daughter X100, f/2, 1/40th sec, ISO 1600, Macro mode, B&W+Y simulation

Yes Fuji . . . you spoil me.  I have had my little fuji x100 (Original) with me almost all the time since I picked it up a few months ago from a friend who wished to move on to other cameras . . . I had been wanting one and it was available at the right moment when my wallet was fat enough.

I played with all the modes for a few weeks and then settled on the B&W + Y simulation, I have set the ISO to auto and only vary the aperture when I want specific control of DOF . . . I overcome the close focusing by switching to macro mode which is very easy to do.  I have grown accustom to the few quirks that seem to nag a lot of people who find themselves so put off as not able to enjoy what this little camera brings to the photographer in the form of freedom and spontaneity.  It really is a “grab n go” camera.

Why ISO 1600, well it is very clean and I very much like available light, and …. Yes, I know my all time fave photographers Joe McNally & David Hobby will both argue that a small flash is available light (I will agree in most cases) but I love available light (that which I have no control or very limited control over), it is liberating and unencumbered.  I find the shot and work with it.

f/2, 1/20th sec, ISO 1600

f/2, 1/20th sec, ISO 1600

Yes on occasion there is some digital noise but I find it very pleasing, fuji has tailored the B&W simulations wonderfully.  I do very little post processing and the jpg’s that come out of the x100 need nothing but re-sizing to fit my needs, occasionally I will  go a bit further but I like what I am getting.

I will not quibble about the filter ring blunder but it is easily gotten around and forgotten.  Once that is done you have loads of fun in store . . . like using a Hoya R72 infrared cut filter.  The live view makes this a cinch but do watch out that 23mm lens can produce a hot spot if your not careful.

Kings River No.5497 in IR

Kings River No.5497 in IR (Hoya R72 filter)

Well like I said in the beginning . . . Fuji you spoil me . . . I keep this little fuji x100 in reach for most everyday shooting . . . it’s a small light package, easy to use and the files are very manageable.  No it wont replace my dSLRs and Big glass . . . those are reserved for their niche.   The little fuji x100 has proven itself as a goto camera that is kept close at hand for making notes, documenting works and testing ideas.

Thanks Fuji, Thanks to my friend who sold it to me (NO you may not get it back . . . mine! . . . mine!) Remember the best camera is the one you have with you, (I hate my cell phone photos), but, you can stack the deck with a great camera like this little fuji x100 because it’s is just so easy and convenient to take along. It is not obtrusive, stone quiet (provided you turn off the sound) and very capable of available light photography . . . and I hear the x100t is even better.  Anyone out there tired of their fuji x100T ? if the price is right I’ll take it off your hands.



The Fuji X100

The Original Fuji X100 . . . You spoil me!



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