Through the looking glass

through the looking glass

through the looking glass

I have been getting things ready for a field trip with the Eastman View No.2 5×7 camera, The photo above is the 5×7 focusing screen . . .(Teaser Alert) . . . and the image has been flipped both horizontally and vertically so as not to make you wonder why I’d post a photo upside down.  When you shoot Large format you make concessions, one of them is framing the photo upside down and reversed.  This helps I think in composition . . . anyway the photo above is a teaser . . .

the 5x7 and three lenses I will be using with it.

the 5×7 and three lenses I will be using with it.

it’s ready and waiting for me . . . The order of Harmon Direct Positive paper is here (ISO-ASA of 3), trays and other darkroom shtuff is on hand . . . I just need a few minor items and then I’ll be out in the field to test, play and learn these lens / camera / film combinations.  lenses are a Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear f/4 in shutter,  A No name Petzal lens, and an Rapid Rectilinear Aplanat lens with a diaphragm, the latter two are without shutters(one must use the lens-cap as a shutter which is no problem as exposures will be 1/2 sec or longer in most cases).

I will probably do a local walk about just to get a feel for shooting the Harmon DPP paper and I will probably get some Ilford MG paper as well (paper negatives).  I have an area in the foothills I want to go to but I want to get familiar with everything.

So stay tuned . . .


2 thoughts on “Through the looking glass

  1. I have a eastman kodak 5 X 7 view camera made in 1930. I think the shutter has a problem and it requires an air pressure bulb to activate. a crude hole was drilled through the bottom right of the front face for a tube insertion that connects to a valve that operates the shutter. This does not look like a factory job at all.What should I do to make this operable using anything you may have?

    • Hey Walter, A) yes, it sounds like an air operated shutter valve, since you state there is a crude hole in the face of the front (I assume the standard and not the lens board) that there is an internal shutter installed behind the front standard (Packard type shutter). B) yes, you can search eBay or go directly to the Packard Shutter website and buy an air tube and bulb which will actuate your shutter. I say this as to the way you describe it. If the shutter is lens mounted then you will just need to plug the hole in the face of the camera (front frame) and attach the air tube directly to the air actuator on the lens. It is hard to make any other suggestion without a photo of the camera / lens / shutter arrangement. I hope this helps.

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