My eyes itch! Someone scratch my brain !

Made you look . . .

You can see the air

You can see the air

Playing with a Fuji X100 and an IR filter attached to the lens, it is very do-able btw using the live view rear screen . . . in the above photo I had the camera set to B&W+Y, I did a bit of contrast to make it pop a bit more.

Kings River No.5497

Kings River No.5497

Here is another one of the Kings River (or what is left of it, we’re in a drought), the auto-focus has no issues with the IR filter in place and there are no hot spots.

Looking into the sun

Looking into the sun

Looking into the sun there isn’t much glare or ghosting.  So as you can see the little Fuji X100 is a capable IR camera.  Much fun, IR filter R-72 Hoya is in da accessory bag.

My eyes itch . . . Someone scratch my brain

On another note: I made ya look ;-)

The comment had nothing to do with my little Fuji X100, it was just what came to mind this morning while making coffee and listening to a thunderstorm roll by . . . So . . .
Here it is October already . . . I’ve not been real active of late . . . just no drive to get out and shoot . . . perhaps with the approach of cooler weather I will be more apt to go make some photos I wish to share . . . I noticed just last week Xmas crap already filling the shelves . . . Hah they barely had Halloween costumes out . . . and didn’t see a single glimpse of Thanksgiving . . . I guess giving thanks has fallen out of grace, the times are a changing . . . . To many people want it their way, change it, don’t do that, do this that way, you can’t say that or believe in this . . . sigh . . . makes me want to slink away and escape behind my camera to some secluded mountain spot . . . which by the way you can find easily just 10 yards away from any road as no one gets out of their car anymore . . . . I am much older now, not a complaint, but I am becoming what I always dreaded . . . a cynic . . . I do find solace in my grand daughters, they are full of wonder and it is fun to watch and show them the wonders of the world.
Anyway just some thoughts, I am alive and kicking . . . just not kicking the can down the road ;-) . . . I’ll leave that for those damn politicians !!!
Got take photos, get high on life and pass on a smile to everyone you meet.

play, scratch that itch, think outside the box, just cause someone said you can’t do that (fuji X100 camera + IR filter) doesn’t mean you can’t try it . . .

later taters, pass this on if you like it, leave a comment that’s ok too!

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