Old School – New School the Fuji X100

The Fuji X100

The Fuji X100

I came into a great deal I could not pass up the other day and I picked up a used Fuji X100 (original model) camera . . . yes yes I know . . . . sigh more camera gear !!! but wait.   why did I pounce on such a mundane fixed lens camera?Because it has awesome black and white files, because it is light, because it is a fixed lens camera, because it is super quiet, because I wanted one to carry about that didn’t look like I was serious about taking a picture and was not intrusive and because it makes me work for my shot. Old School style and challenge in a New School package.   Yes it is the first iteration of this now classic style camera and no it isn’t fancy . . . no zoom lenses, no telephoto lenses just one lens to do it all . . . and yes it can be totally manual or totally Point and Shoot (when I hand it off to someone else to take a shot) . . . There has been oodles of write ups and reviews all over the Web, if it’s specs you need then just google the camera . . . this blog post is just to show what in a few short days I managed to do with this camera having fun, and it (the camera) not in my way.  All the following shots are jpg . . . some cropping and some stylized  . . . but overall the camera is as much inspiration as it is easy to shoot in the most minimalist way possible.  Enough chatter here are a few sample shots, camera was set to film simulation Black & White + Yellow filter.



Recycling a Fruit Orchard

Recycling a Fruit Orchard







Skipper (ISO 3200, 1/45 sec @f/2)

Skipper (ISO 3200, 1/45 sec @f/2), cropped and resized only

Bungee (ISO 1250, f/2 @ 1/125 sec)

Bungee (ISO 1250, f/2 @ 1/125 sec) cropped and resized only


These are but a few initial shots out of this camera.  I find it liberating because of the fixed lens.  The electronic view finder shows what the scene will look like in B&W as well as the LCD, it help refresh what once came naturally so long ago (thinking in B&W). I am running the latest firmware and can only say this about this camera, get one and use it for 6 months, it will improve your composition, style and best of all free you from the burden of a bag full of lenses and other gear.  No I have not given up my big guns and Nikon cameras & gear, it all has its place.  For freedom and fun this little Fuji X100 will give you the best for your dollar and stay out of your way doing it.  On an off note; yes it has a few qwerks but I guess I don’t mind since I shoot a lot with real film cameras that have as many qwerks if not more!!!

I’ll post a few more shots as I go along, a few of the shots above were stylized by adding in a small amount of graininess or vignetting or sepia toning . . . I used Corel Paintshop Pro X7 to manipulate or resize, it’s cheap and just as good as CS (I gave up CS and LightRoom after they went to cloud based BS), if you want to do more get OnOne Software for post editing and stylizing . . . . that’s right Corel (XP 7 & OnOne Photo Suite).

thanks for the look, hope everyone enjoyed to quick post.. I am working on a much longer post about my 5×7 camera project which will be posting soon…

until then . . . get off your duff and go out and take a few pix.


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