I’ve got splinters in me fingers

5x7 film holder, Hinge repair

5×7 film holder, Hinge repair

Just joking about the splinters, but my fingers are sore . . . and yes I kiped that intro line from the “the Beatles” chaotic song “Helter Skelter” . . . and  Ringo Starr’s outburst (I got blisters on my fingers!) while flinging his drum sticks at the end of the 18th retake of that song . . . . and yes I bastardized it a bit . . . I have been working on re-taping the end pieces (Hinge doors) of my wooden 5×7 film holders.  That requires some soaking of the aged tape with naphtha and then alcohol and scraping with a sharp object like a knife or exacto blade to remove the residue down to bare wood.  This takes time so as not to damage the wood or change its dimensions very much, it is a delicate process and not one which would tolerate a heavy hand.  It is a mind numbing task and much like Ringo I feel the pain of that repetitive task of dissolving glue, scraping it of and dissolving it again and scraping more of it off until the bare wood is finally revealed.  Then comes the process of cutting and fitting the binding tape, all the time knowing that it must be precise and clean in order to work right.  In the end baring breakage of the holder my repairs should last far beyond my lifetime before needing repair again.  Can we say that of the items of today? will that shiny tablet (ipad or android) of flashy cellphone last as long? LOL or even be usable due to incompatibilities with the current technologies?  Can it even function without a power source? well I doubt it in any of those scenarios.  But, as long as they make film, my old cameras will work, and if taken care of! will work well . . .

So back to the repairs, the hinge tape I am using is actually quality Book Binding tape, Looks like Gaffers Tape or to someone who might take a guess . . . Black Duct Tape.   Yes I guess you could use Duct Tape but it would eventually harden, dry out and leave a mastic crud behind that would have been pure hell to remove. OK, How about Gaffers Tape . . . same issue, left with a hard crud to remove, oh yes and both would have dried out quickly, so the lifespan of these two repairs would be short lived.   I hate doing things twice, and hate it even more when it costs me double the second time around, I am old-school in that I believe if your gonna do something don’t do it half ass . . . there’s a reason to use Duct Tape or WD-40 . . . it’s for emergency use only.  The MacGyver fix . . . if it’s sposta move and cant . . . use “WD-40”, if it’s sposta stay still and moves . . . use “Duct Tape” . . . then when ya get home ya fix it right.  Those are the only two times to use those products, the exception is “NOT ON CAMERA GEAR“.  Anyway that’s my fix-it tip for this post!!!  The other tip is this . . . my two favorite tape products I couldn’t live without when I am on a shoot or in my studio are “Painters Blue Tape” and “Gaffers Tape”.  They each have their merits and caveats, but the one thing they do have in common, YOU CAN REMOVE them without leaving any residue or damage to your gear or subject . . .   so there ya go Second tip of this post.

Well the next post will show me cutting down a Kodak No. 2d 8×10 reducing back (8×10 to 5×7) and modding it to fit the old 5×7 camera . . . I know I can hear the screams now, but I cannot locate an original 5×7 back for this camera and I want to shoot 5×7 not 4×5 . . . if anyone happens to have a 5×7 back that fits an Eastman No.2d large format wooden view camera please let me know . . I will trade you for it or purchase it as I have 2 reducing backs that I would hate to cut up.

LOL . . . ok I am outta here, gonna go soup some film in my coffee . . . if you liked this post please share it, if you have questions comment on it I will respond.


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