Super Ricohflex test roll

shot 3 of 12

shot 3 of 12

Well I will have to send my old Ricohflex TLR off for a proper CLA of the shutter . . . three and a half shots out of 12 is not great . . . but, it was half way expected.  As can be seen from the photo above with the lens wide open @ f/3.5 and close focused it has an amazing shallow DOF which is very pleasing I might add.  The photo was taken in shade using Kodak 100 TMAX and if I recall the shutter speed was 200 with the film shot at rated ASA/ISO of 100, metering was with my digital Luna Pro hand held meter and camera was mounted on a tripod.  There are three complete photos of the Seat, and one partial shot of a barn door with lens flair eating a third of the frame.

The FILM: 100 TMAX was run through the local lab with standard processing, grain is nominal and the photo as scanned looked so wonderful.  The following was done in post to the photo, resized for the web, minor spotting of dust marks and nothing else (oh I did add my name).

The CAMERA: Super Ricohflex TLR  <– click on link, I do a complete overview of this camera a few posts back.

The camera is indeed in need of a good CLA of the shutter mechanism but for a camera from 1956 I can’t complain. And it also seems my focus adjustments to link the taking lens and viewing lens are pretty much spot on.

That’s it for the camera / film tests at this time.  I will schedule a CLA and a retest when it returns.

Image No.4 the Branding Door (well half the frame that came out without flair), cropped only.

the Branding Door

the Branding Door



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