You Tell Me

Little Dreamer

Little Dreamer

A late morning and the soft light spills from the kitchen into the living room where my granddaughter sleeps on the rocker recliner.  I just so happened to have two of my fave cameras close by that day.  The first I choose to shoot with was an old standby from my early days as a Photo journalist . . a Nikon FM2 . . . after several shots (11) I grabbed my Nikon D7000 and made a few more shots as well.  I wanted something immediate to review and post on my FB page, the film shots could wait for later processing . . . I also wanted to see the differences digital had over B&W and how I might change say my style of shooting or my composition since the FM2 is full frame and the D7000 is a cropped sensor camera.

Quiet reflections

Quiet reflections




It didn’t take very long to snap off those 11 shots with the film camera nor did it take long to get a comp I liked out of the Digital camera . . . I was very confident of all the shots being digital or analog, I knew I had at least a few “in da can” so to speak that were good.  The latter two photos “Quiet Reflections” & “Curiosity” are BW400CN film shot at normal ISO 400 and processed through a local lab . . . I like this film as it scans well and poses no surprises even when grossly out of date.  The film camera I used (an FM2) is an awesome all mechanical camera and will outlast many of my digital cameras and very possibly me . . and as for the photos the first one Little Dreamer is the end results of a color photo made with a digital camera and heavily processed to achieve a B&W effect, the latter two are slightly cropped but otherwise straight from the negative scan.  both could stand a bit more contrast, but esthetically they are just as valid as the digital photo.

here is the film version of “Little Dreamer”, You tell Me  . . . which one you like.

Little Dreamer II

Little Dreamer II


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