Being Lazy, Shooting Digital

Green Grass & Clouds with an Old Oak Tree

Green Grass & Clouds with an Old Oak Tree

I shot this with my D7000 and post processed with On1 software.  I loved the color one but loved it more when I converted it to B&W.  I also photographed this scene with 2 film cameras (35mm & 120mm) as well, I just haven’t had a chance to get the film processed . . . I feel pretty lazy.  Perhaps it is time to return to processing my own film again.

Horse Play

Horse Play

Another B&W digital conversion . . . I guess I sometimes long for the magical moment in the darkroom when the latent photo is in the developer and you watch as the image comes into being, slowly at first, then with a rush the greys fill in then the blacks start to get rich, then you began to worry as the print looks like it is rushing to turn entirely black and your hand hovers as you hold back knowing the print will not suddenly blacken.  All this in the dim red light of the darkroom.  Yes, I miss the magic of printing a real silver print, an object that took skill and effort to produce.  I find that fulfillment lacking in the digital world.  I cannot say I do not miss the chemical smells or the stains or even the eye strain a darkroom brought, but, I do miss the end results of mounting and hanging a real silver gelatin print and the sense of accomplishment which ensued.  Yes I am Lazy, I shoot digital most of the time, why? because it is easy, quick and without mess.  It is much the same as I see society today, quick, easy and in the end, non fulfilling, leaving little or no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

I ordered a few stainless spools, 35m & 120 plus a stainless can, time to go back to developing my own B&W film again.  No I’m not ready to set a darkroom back up or an enlarger, I scan the negs for now and see how bad Piezography . . . we’ll see . . . eh

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