Twenty Five Steps



I have spoken about challenging oneself. Here is a simple challenge, I want you to pick up your camera tomorrow morning and go to your front door, take 25 steps in any direction from the front door, when you have paced off those 25 steps I want you to stop and look about,  Find your subject and take make a photo picture . . . you may process it in any fashion as long as in the final photo it is Black and White.  Now repeat this 4 more times for the following 4 days . . .   Now wasn’t that easy? no? The premise of the challenge is to be able to be creative and spontaneous . . . even when you haven’t a clue about what to photograph or the desire to go out and photograph, it is also to teach you that you need not travel far to create a photograph and get you off your duff.   Now,  why Black and White? this is to have you look for the elements that make up the composition, you become aware of shape and form as well as the space your subject resides in.  If you’re having trouble with this challenge, then I would say to you to do it again, because you have not yet learned how to see.   Maybe you need to tighten up the variables in this challenge like I did ( try a fixed focal length lens), try a toy lens, try a telephoto lens or a super wide angle . . . use a ridiculously high ISO and accept the noise (grain) you get, incorporate it into the elements of the photo.  These methods can jump start the idea idea factory that sets upon your shoulders.  Ever wonder what a shot wold look like if you added a close-up filter to a wide angle lens, or what if you taped a cheap glass magnifying lens to the opening of your camera body (be careful not to get anything protruding into you camera body as the mirror might strike it and then you’d be very sad, but don’t blame me !! I warned you) . . . have you ever set your f/stop wide open and then made a paper aperture and placed it against the front of the lens (use a heart shaped punch or cut one out) to get those cool highlights the shape of your home made aperture?

Kick starting my writing Muse

Kick starting my writing Muse

How about this old in camera trick using a card and multiple exposure, placing your camera on a tripod, set camera to manual focus and focus on a tree, tape the card to the front of the lens blocking half the picture, now have a friend (or yourself) lean out from the tree in the photo area that is not covered and make a shot (set camera to multiple exposure if it has that ability), now go back to your camera and without moving the camera swap the card to the opposite side of the lens (an easy method is to us a clear filter and black tape covering one half of the filter, leave the filter loosely screwed in so you can rotate it 90 degrees), no you go back to the tree and shoot again only this time your on the opposite side of the tree . . (yes I know you can do everything in photoshop, but this is more fun and it is done in camera) sigh . . . I really get tired of that statement (blah blah in photoshop) ok, ok …. I will not drift into that Rant!

The point is, instead of sitting around or griping about nothing to shoot . . . kick start your muse and have some creative fun, step out of the box you’ve put yourself in and shoot the box 😉 or at least use it as a prop to kickstart those creative juices.  Which reminds me, I need to get off my duff and make a daily shot of something  . . . . Now wishing you good shooting, get off your duff and kick your muse (cause he/she is coming too!) go to your front door and pick a direction, point yer nose that way and count em off . . . . 1 step . . two step . . . three step more . . . and look for something, anything to shoot . . . oh your allowed to get down low or way up high, just find something and  . . . . .

well you know, make a picture.  I’m outta here !  . . . enjoy your day



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