Only Five Years

No. 4888

No. 4888

  It “Only took five years”

STOP, I want you to not read another line until you take a moment and just view the image, write down the feelings it generates in you.


How long have you let a photo sit before you edit it or go back to one and re-edit it ?, or,  how often have you not been able to create the image that portrays the idea or thought that was in your mind?  I finally finished a thought photographically . . . you know, an image that sits in your mind because you cannot or do not have the tools to complete it visually in the real world.  That is the seed of today’s blog.  As new software editing tools become available for the photographer to use to express themselves it becomes easier to express ourselves with the ideas and feelings we wish the viewer to have when they see what we have created.   I had finished writing about my conversion of my D50 the other day when I ran across the above photo while gathering examples for that post.  I went back to it and it looked so bland to me, The original file was made in Infrared and then post processed long before I started using one of my favorite editing / processing programs “OnOne Perfect photo suite” I started using the Suite four or so versions back and this company has done nothing but improve it every year! I really enjoy it and it has become my go to software.

As I was looking at the above photo my immediate thought was to grunge it up, but it was already false colored so why not add another layer of distressed color, some more grain and then grunge it a bit more to add to the ambiance to achieve the feeling I wanted.  Below is the original (post processed 5 years ago using “Corel Paintshop Photo pro Version 2.X “.  I did the best within the limits of the software at that time . . . it wasn’t enough, but it was what I had at the time.

Here’s the first iteration from so long ago . . .

Original posted pic from 2009

Original posted pic from 2009

To me it just does not have the impact that the first one has.   I really enjoy processing with layers and textures, that was possible then but with great pain and difficulty & time, today I can achieve a look I want very easily.  As an artist I am not opposed to revisiting something I have created, I am also not opposed to changing it.  Now that change to me has to be positive and improve the strength of the photo and the idea.  It is after all what pleases me, that is what all my photos are created for . . . me.   Ask most artists, they will tell you the create because it pleases them otherwise it’s just commercialism which I have nothing against . . . but I separate the two as far apart as I can.

Well enough said, enjoy, just my view . . .

I’m outta here . . .



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