Really . . . you heartless bastard

As I drove into town I slowed to make my turn, I noticed a new SUV parked on a dirt road feeding into the road I was turning down . . . I have always been aware of things, as a photographer you always are looking.   I saw a well dressed man exit that SUV, walk around to the passenger side, open the door and lean in, then lean back out, turn and toss something white into the air.  What ever the objects were they seemed to split and go in different directions fluttering erratically and ended up a few yards away in the vineyard on either side of the road . . . I slowed and pulled over, grabbed my phone and made like I was talking while watching as this man got back into his big black SUV and drove off.  I waited until he was out of sight and then turned my car around and parked in the area he had been, I was curious as to what he had thrown out of his car, paper just doesn’t flutter that way . . .

Close up

Close up

I quickly spotted first one and then the next objects . . . they were birds . . . he had thrown away birds, white birds . . . It took me a minute to ID what kind of birds they were and to get myself in action . . . I got out and walked across the plowed earth to the closest bird and slowly raised my hand and the next thing I had a beautiful white dove in my hand,  A few moments later I had the second bird in my hand and both were safely in the front seat in a cardboard box . . . I continued on my way, confused and angry . . . Why would someone just toss two (very non-wild) birds out along the roadside.

In my mind I went through a litany of reasons, but really! was I really making excuses for his actions . . . Life is Life, it is sacred . . . well in my mind and moral views it is . . . no Life is throw away.  Yes my main genre is wildlife photography, and believe me when one is out in the field, the wild, you see all sides of life . . . the good, bad and the ugly sides of reality.  That was part of the motivator for walking out and recovering the two tame birds.  Think of it this way, would you throw a domesticated bunny out of your car into the middle of the woods? How long do you think it would survive?

I grew up (so long ago) were my dad taught me to hunt, I stopped hunting when I was 15, I see no reason to hunt . . . I am not an animal rights activist but I do not agree with senseless slaughter either (Duck hunters take note) . . . I was taught if you shoot it, you eat it!  I am just as moved by an injured animal as an injured person.  No matter how my mind tried to make excuses for this person I could not . . .

I will never fathom his motives or others like him . . . they are all just Heartless Bastards . . . Life is not throw away,  Ok just my soapbox, just my rant . . .

So how did it turn out? Well the two White Doves (ring neck or collard Dove) are doing well, I will keep them a few days then find them a home . . . they readily sit in my hand and seem to enjoy being caressed . . . They seem right at home in my crazy house full of parrots . . . I can only guess that Serendipity and fate both had hands in choices made by me yesterdays choices of where I went to pick up pet food.  So I am thinking . . . I name them . . . Sarah & Chance . . . . seems fitting.

Happily Safe

Happily Safe

Note:  Most likely they are BullEyed White Ringneck Dove, a far removed domestic version that has its origins in the African Ring necked dove.  I know your saying well those are wedding dove used in release ceremonies (they use white homing pigeons for this, not Dove) but no, This species of Doves does not fly well, and unlike homing pigeons do not return to where they came from.

OK . . . . go make beautiful pictures and quit warmin yer bunns . . . . !

Tim . . . aka (DigiPainTeR)

A follow-up Note: It is 2017, the two Dove were male & female, While in my care (6 months) they calmed and once settled they did what Doves do and soon there were three where once was two, then three became five . . . yes they began to thrive.  It was fun to have them and watch the chicks hatch and grow.  My grand daughters enjoyed them and eventually I found them a great home.  White Dove (ring neck) are short lived birds, 3 – 5 year lifespans, they are easily tamed and fun little domesticated birds.  Their cooing and occasional Laughing sound are nice to hear.  They are a very prolific species (HAH like bunnies) . . .   The object of this post was to voice my own feelings about a problem that is the irresponsible actions of some people.  We all see the results day after day, discarded cats, dogs mostly, occasionally a duck or a rabbit . . . It is against the law to release pets, or non native species, there are so many reasons why this is not a good thing.  They usually starve or die of dehydration or become a meal for some predator (like a feral house cat).  I could go on about this but I hope my point is clear, life is not throw away and I will never understand the actions that led to this or those that lead to the epidemic of dumped unwanted pets . . . just be responsible . . .


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