Last Vestiges of Country Life

So I am driving home from a visit to a friend who lives in a small pocket of houses in between farmland and city . . . much of the farmland is becoming tract homes or strip malls as the rural farmland is eaten up.  I’d imaging if one could have positioned a time lapse camera (shots done in days rather then seconds and covering years) in the sky high above you could today run it at normal speed and see the slow creep/sprawl of the cities as they ever expanding and eating away at the farmland and wild spaces.  Ok back to my subject . . . as I was driving I passed an old rural house next to the road that was adorned with bits of farming flotsam and other odd things.  There on the old wall with cracking pain, rotting steps

A Last Vestige of Country Life

A Last Vestige of Country Life

crumbling roof and dirt yard was just one more remnant of what the area was like before the cell phone, before HWY 99, before most of the cities and paved roads.  A relic that is now passed by without a second glance, every day by countless commuters and other folk who have nothing to do with farming or its way of life.   Eventually this old place will be gone, torn down because of the sprawling cities and need for land on which to build more houses or malls . . . what did this old house look like when it was built, what will the land look like when it is gone.   So for a brief moment I took the time to turn around and stop in front of it, I raised my camera and peered through the viewfinder . . . composed and snapped a few shots.  (This is an IR shot with my modified D50-ir camera).  To bad I cannot interview this old house, I can’t imagine what all has happened here, who grew up here . . . etc . . . etc . . .

Just a random thought, a random photo, and now, with a thousand questions, like what’s story behind the disc, or the horseshoe & Hoe, Was this a Farm-hands house, or was it the farmers house?who was born here? . . . today it is Oct 3rd, 2014

Like I said . . . random, serendipitous . . . . perhaps something I should note and start a new series to shoot/document.

HAH . . . this is my 61st post . . . and I am 61 very cool . . . . 😉

This is digipainter . . . aka (Tim) cya later


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