When did that happen

” When did that happen”  . . . was my latest question to myself . . . I woke to another new pain in my body!  this time my ring finger felt like it was on fire right were my wedding ring was!  I got up and took off the ring to find my skin where the ring had just been was deep red and had a open sore on it as well . . . WTF!!!

ring finger

ring finger

I sat at the kitchen table just 4 days after getting married with waves of different emotions flowing over me . . Anger . . Sadness . . Anger . . disbelief, again and again looking from ring to finger trying not yell, scream, cry and then trying to figure out what my new wife would say when I tell her . . “I can’t wear my new wedding band” . . . what happened, and why did the skin on my finger suddenly do this!  Well there were several possibilities, this was a reaction to soap or something between the ring and my finger, or I had become allergic to nickle . . . you see almost all gold has some amount of other metal in it to make hard or color it, the higher the karat the purer the gold, but the higher the karat the softer it becomes . . . Yellow gold is mostly safe for people with nickle allergies to wear without issue, white gold has huge amounts of nickel (bad juju for those allergic to nickel) . . . My new wedding band! a 14K Yellow gold band with a white gold braid around a channel . . . seemed safe . . (I didn’t know I was allergic to nickle).

Nickel Allergy . . . It seems that this is becoming more prevalent in Europe and North America with 17% of men now allergic to Nickle and other non-Hypoallergenic metals.  The funny thing is, you could be wearing your rings and other jewelery and be ok, then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and WHAMO! your now allergic! I had worn a gold earring for years and had only recently removed it (My parrot actually removed it . . . ouch).  So I had no clue that a few days after my lovely wife put the wedding band onto my finger that I would wake up in pain and having to remove my ring.  Sigh . . no cure, once allergic . . . forever after allergic!  Yep I could have my ring coated/plated with palladium but that brings with it a new problem, the plating process uses “Nickle” as a pre-plating layer before the palladium is applied (Major F-n issue when the plating wears off).  Ya see your skin sweats and what’s in that sweat “Salt” well that leaches out the Nickle in the gold and that is what makes you have an allergic reaction . . . you women can be in worse trouble with your cosmetics . . . just imagine that one morning!!! anyway I am still allergic now and there is no going back . . . damn body! sigh!

What sux the most, I can’t wear my beautiful custom wedding ring, what’s left? well I now am looking for a replacement wedding band in some hypoallergenic material that will be acceptable, and even then I have to be careful that it is hypoallergenic! but nothing will ever match my wedding band, it will just be a substitute . . . and as for my body! LOL . . gettin old SUX !!! I will continue to eat right and exorcize, keep my weight down, stay off salt, eat all my veggies and above all ….

Laugh as much as possible . . . Yes, on special occasions I will wear my wedding band . . the rest of the time! the substitute will be on my finger.



2 thoughts on “When did that happen

  1. Tim – You might check for allergies to Aloe (see ring on plant photo) or Neosporin. Looks very similar to something my first wife ran into using Neosporin on her ring finger. That plant with the rings might have Aloe (many succulents are part of the Aloe family) and many people are allergic to Aloe. Hope that is is that instead of the metal.

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