It’s been awhile

Got Married

Got Married

It has been awhile since my last post, I have really been busy preparing and finally getting married again.  A lot goes into even a simple wedding as I soon learned.  The photo above was taken by my good friend and fellow photographer Rhea Quitasol of “Rhea Quitesol Photography” who joined us for this joyous occasion at Morro Bay, Ca.  So for those of you that were wonderful enough to follow my rants and raves and other posts I say thanks for following, thanks for your patience and know that more will follow now that things have settled down a bit and I have more time again. 

Well . . . with that said . . . what has me excited on the photography front? The new Nikon 750 and the 810 . . . Gopro’s new Hero4 Black edition with 4k @ 30 fps and mostly the 1080p @ 120 slow motion settings . . . W00T WOOT! can we say awesome hummingbird videos?  Yep these items excite me . . . I do see a Hero4 on my XMAS list.

I am sad that Kodak has dropped BW400CN (C 41) black & white film, I did order and get some film from the FPP website (Film Photography Project) which is an awesome website if you have the itch for film.  I will let you know how it turns out as I am testing some new film brands (B&W) in 35mm and 120mm formats.

Almost forgot . . I picked up a Tintype Parlor Kit  from Rockland/Colloid for the 4×5 view camera to play with . . will let you all know how that works out, I am a bit excited about trying their product the links above take you to their website so you can read about it . . . ok then . . . . . .

Well that’s it for now . . .

Have fun and keep shooting, keep experimenting, keep learning, keep pushing your boundaries and make awesome photos.

CYA . . . . . DigiPainTeR . . . . aka (Tim)


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