Push the Button

Push the Button

Push the Button

OK . . . Quick updates

Yes I am still here, just on a slight hiatus from everything photo related, busy with life priorities.

Playing with film cameras, my Nikon FM2, FTN, Hasselblad 500cm, some 6×9 & 6×12 Horseman roll-film backs on my little 4×5 and a few other oddball cameras.  Trying some Svema 35mm & 120 B&W film from the Film Photography Project Store (the FPP is a must for those interested in film) which looks promising for those film days walk-about shoots.

SVEMA 35mm B&W film, SVEMA 120 B&W film review forthcoming

Waiting for a new (Old camera) 35mm film camera to get here . . . a Balda Jubilette 35mm folding camera, review and tests forthcoming as soon as I get it in and check it out.

Projects on the Workbench: Super Richoflex TLR 120 camera “CLA”, undergoing a deep cleaning, dissemble/re-assemble (damn hardened grease/stuck focus problem) almost finished . . . . yea! may even re-skin it in some gaudy faux snakeskin . . .

Sadly it is just to hot, dry and nasty in the Valley as we are in a 5 year drought that is really making life miserable, farmers are seeing their livelihood dry up and go the way of Kodachrome . . . landscapes are ugly here, I could actually shoot prettier pix in Death Valley . . .

That’s it for now . . have fun . . go shoot some film . . Tim

next post: a Balda Jubilette 35mm folding camera


2 thoughts on “Push the Button

    • Hey thanks very much Janeen, glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for a review of my little 35mm Balda Jubilette taking it out for a spin with a roll of B&W film . . and stay tuned for another oldie TLR 120 film camera that I have been restoring to operating condition . .

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