Gathering Dust

Tree No.9113

Tree No.9113

I find myself in a malaise . . . yes a slump.  The state of the economy and the worth of my limited dollar keeps me anchored very close to home now that I have retired. I find myself much like my gear sitting “Gathering Dust” Yes I am still a bit burned out from my 365 Project of 2013, thousands of photos which consumed several hours a day, rain or shine, healthy or sick I was glad to reach the goal I had set.  I haven’t looked at the two terabits of photos since I ended the project shoot on 01-01-2014 and the final link and posting shortly thereafter.  I didn’t pick up a camera for a week after that.  I have slowly, very slowly started to pick my cameras up again.  I still have the pull, the addiction  . . . the need, to go and create photos.  Yet, I feel as though I am moving through a viscous fluid.  My mind is ablaze with ideas for future shoots and images that I want to create, but, I find myself at a crossroad in my life.

My photography has always been a need, a form of expression.  I make photographs because I want to, because it pleases me, because it makes me happy.  What you see in my posts are only the very tip of what I have recorded, on a glimpse into who I am and what I love.

Tree No.860

Tree No.860

Nature, Wildlife, Landscapes, Seascapes . . .  the grand expanse of life and the beauty of it all.  Yet I find myself locked in step to a sedentary life because of economics.  So I have decided that it is a good time to do a bit of retrospective and slumming of my many terabytes of files and perhaps finish some long dreamed of ideas . . . here you see in this post several of the photos from a long running series of trees “the Trees I have known” and another series which is ongoing that I am shooting with an Infrared converted D50 Nikon titled “Another Light”.

Tree No.885

Tree No.885

I have looked seriously at “Self Publishing” these two series, or using one of the many “Publish on Demand” website companies, as well as a PDF version or a limited edition hand printed & bound portfolio.  Again all these take funds and time.  I continue to be stifled by lack of funds for at the moment what I deem wasteful in this economic environment.

Tree No.1383

Tree No.1383

So I find myself like my gear (and that is a copious amount) gathering dust.  I read in an article by Thom Hogan recently that I enjoyed which was along the idea of scaling back.  I will have to ponder this a bit as to which gear I want to keep and which gear I need to keep.  So far the want has won out . . . I need to get real and honest with myself as I have turned 61 recently and am not getting any younger, besides that mound of gear I have accumulated far exceeds what I would carry anywhere and I really do not want to ruin my knees, hips and back anymore then I have already.   Anyone know of a cheap Sherpa that will work for kind words and peanuts?  No? I didn’t think so [insert wry smile here].

Anyway I thought I might write a bit, this gives me pleasure, the above photos are both recent and past.  I have tons of unprocessed files residing across many many hard drives.  Perhaps I should start the long process of cataloging and publishing these hidden treasures.  As for all that gear, well I am still pondering that great garage sale . . . it is just gear but to me each piece is a treasure with a history and story.  Until my next post, Have fun, get off your butt and go make some pictures. I will leave you with another favorite I processed.

Oaks No.7304

Oaks No.7304


4 thoughts on “Gathering Dust

  1. Hello Tim,
    I too am feeling the pinch of the economy, and also sitting around gathering dust. I’m about to turn 66 in mid June and not in the best health myself any more. I did enjoy your 365 series, and commented several times on G+. I am particularly interested in how you processed your OAKS NO. 7304 image.

    I also have tons of equipment that I’ve accumulated over the years that I can’t seem to part with either. To many fond memories…I guess!

    Keep trying to brush some of that dust off!

    • Hi John
      Yup just trying to stay above the dust level . . . and yes I suffer from G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) both with current digital technology and analog based oldies but goldies . . . Thank you so much for the kind words and I do hope I have you in one of my G+ circles
      As for how Oaks No. 7304 was processed, here is the general process I use [Digital post processing] as I seldom use a traditional wet darkroom anymore.
      1 – from acquisition of either digital or scanned film image capture is the same after this point
      2 – convert to B&W file, depends on what program suits the need [most often for scanned film I run it through Adobe Lightroom 4.X], or import the raw digital file into OnOne suite 8 B&W filters to get a base B&W file.
      3 – at this point with a working file I will use the layering tools in OnOne to further manipulate [much like dodging and burning] to bring a photo to life. I will seldom use any action or plugin or filter as is (they are great starting places however)
      4 – Post – Post processing and effects such as false coloring / toning fading and other effects are applied as layers again and manipulation is carried further out further.
      This all sounds rather complex and time consuming . . . actually it is very quick and I do not like sitting long hours tweaking a picture. So usually less then 30 minutes total time is spent on any photo I post process, less for my straight pix.
      5 – lastly I resize for what the intended output will be . . . Internet, Print even for that stupid optimizer that FaceBook uses . . . UG!
      So if I recall, Oak No.7304 was originally shot as an Infrared digital file, raw file was post processed in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo program (PSP), color channels red/blue where swapped to get the correct false color, then I believe it had at least 7 layers (OnOne Suite 8) then back to PSP for a resize to reach that iteration.
      Hope that helps thanks again for commenting. I love my old Gear . . . and have way too much !!! LOL

  2. Tim, I understand the challenge. Same age. I already figured I cannot afford to retire and plan to work until 70 but have little time to travel or shoot photos:(. I’m hoping to work 3 days a week by age 65 to free up longer weekends. And I am already liking the lighter digital bodies but the better lenses still retain their weight. So far have not found clients willing to foot the bill for destination weddings which could enhance the travel portfolio. Sigh – food on the table and a roof overhead still comes first.

    • Hey Ron,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes the end user just doesn’t understand what goes into the final product they will see. I have had them say “That’s to much for just snapping a picture” or “My [insert gender and place in family tree relative falls here] can take pictures that good and he’ll do it for free! That is probably one of the biggest reasons I no longer do weddings or most other people/event photography. It is far easier to photography flowers, nature and animals . . . It is time for me to downsize even to the point of it hurting. I am a gear-aholic (yep those special lenses do cost) for sure, I hope to have a good 10 ~ 15 more very active years photographing (albeit slower) and putting together a few books as well as launching some shows and perhaps teaching well into my later 60’s. I need to just concentrate on lighter, cutting travel costs (smaller cheaper vehicle) and most important health, happiness and enjoying life.

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