A Day trip, A Triptych

Hazy Mountains

Hazy Mountains

I got out of the house and away from the “Kitchen Window”.  With the 365 Project finished I was very much in need of a trip outdoors away from the house and all that is mundane that accompanies household chores.  Mind you I do not mind those chores as it keeps me sane and not getting flat-bottomed or rotting my mind in front of a TV set.  The weather was calm and the sky was mostly clear with the exception of the haze . . where I live we are in sort of a natural bowl at the end of a long valley, we get all the smog from Northern California as well as what we generate.  California is a population that loves their cars, public transportation is not an option most places or even viable in most places or non existent in the rural areas.  So we live with Smog and Bad Air.

My good friend Mike and I decided to make a day trip up the closest mountain to see what we could capture with our cameras and generally just be out and about, so up to Blue Ridge we went.  We didn’t get as far as we wanted as the road was close at about the mid-point up, we had hoped it’d be open since we had NO snow at all in our local mountains, as a matter of fact this year has become the Second driest year on record since 1947 (We are in a Drought).  This is a cyclic event and can last a long time.  So everything is dry, meaning nothing that should be green is green and none of the tiny streams are flowing . . . BONE DRY . . . very bad . . .

So my friend and I go to another route that leads up another side of Blue Ridge just so we can possibly see what may be of interest there . . about 2/3rds of the way up we stop and admire the view you see in the triptych above.  The fingers of thick haze against the hills and mountain ridges that make up the Western side of the Sierra Nevada Foothills  above the San Joaquin Valley, California.

3 shots comprise the above photo, I did a 6 shot panoramic as well.  I decided to do a triptych to add more drama and interest. So I am free of my daily bonds of my 365 project . . I do have a few more projects for this year and this Photo may just be the lead to my 12 landscape shots ( 1 shot a month). Have a good one I am out and about, digital & analog cameras in hand.

Have fun, get off your butt and get out and make a picture.



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