Film Day – gone walkabout

Argus A 35mm camera

Argus A 35mm camera

Well going out walkabout today with some friends . . every now and then at a random moment one of us will call for a “Film Day” where we get together and go out shooting film (Out dated mostly) and just have fun. Any type brand model film camera is ok, as long as it is film based.  UPDATE ALERT (01-06-2014) . . I chose to us this old 35mm Argus A from the 1950’s . . . it is not the oldest camera I own but it is a fun one and works and is difficult to use, it also was my dad’s camera when he was in the US Army Air Corps.  What is fun is to find a camera at a thrift store to use (This is usually the impetus for calling a Film Day) sometimes they are cheap plastic toy cameras or sometimes hidden treasures.  The fun is in the shooting of the camera and not knowing what quirks a camera may have.  Use C-41 type film and you can get it processed almost at every drug store or Walmart type store.   Anyway I am out walkabout with friends shooting some film today . . will follow-up with a post if any of the shots come out.

Have fun . . .

Edit/Update 01/06/2014  Well as promised here is an update for last Saturdays walk about . . My two friends Rhea & Ron met up with me downtown Visaila, Ca, Ron was gracious enough to supply some outdated C-41 35mm fujicolor roll film in various ASA/ISO ratings from 100 to 400. I grabbed a roll of 200 ISO and popped it into the little Argus and set up my light meter . . mind you the f/stops on the camera didn’t match the modern day f/stops but with color neg close is ok (it has a wide latitude).  We shot until we all ran out of shots (1 roll of 36), walked back to the car and dropped off the film at the local Walgreens for development only ($4.99 each roll), no cut, no print . . . just run it, roll it, and pop it in the bag.  We went to lunch, (Popeye’s Chicken YUM) and then cruised back to pick up the finished negs . . . teeth grinding moment as we all opened up and unrolled our negs . . . YEAH! everyones film at least looked to be exposed well, Thanks to Rhea . ..  she provided a cheap 35mm film scanner.  Rhea shot with an Old Canon Rebel, Ron used his Nikon D5 and of course I used my Argus-A.
Here are a few of my shots from that day, all shots on my negs were usable, some were dups.

first shot from the Argus

first shot from the Argus

Ron & Rhea discussing a failed plastic camera, just fell to pieces when Rhea popped in the film, her trusty Canon Rebel came to the rescue . . .

2nd shot from the Argus Sun at my back

2nd shot from the Argus Sun at my back

Ron & Rhea in the above photo . .

3rd shot shooting into sun Notice flair

3rd shot shooting into sun Notice flair

The uncoated lens on the Argus does NOT handle shooting into the sun . .

my friend Ron

my friend Ron

the three Amigos shot

the three Amigos shot

Street shot, from the hip

Street shot, from the hip

The Argus leaf shutter may be quiet, but street shooting is not so stealthy when your pointing a meter . . the Argus is a zone focus camera (2 Zones 6foot to 15foot, and 15 foot to Infinity)

FilmShooter-bLastly I can say that other then the lens being uncoated (You loose contrast) it can produce some amazing shots for a 60+ year old camera.  I will be shooting it more often, and will cycle some B&W films through it soon…

Thank you Ron & Rhea “walk About Film day” was fun . . I heard ya . . we’ll be doing this again soon…


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