Projects, Ideas & To Do’s

Day 326 of 365 Project

Day 326 of 365 Project

Well the Year is winding down.  Wow it has seemed to just fly by.  As the title says “Projects, Ideas & To Do’s”.   My “Kitchen Window 365 Project” is winding down with less the 45 days to go . . . WoooHoo!  actually I have very mixed emotions about it coming to an end as I have literally enjoyed watching each day pass by in front of the kitchen window photographing 99% of it with the following combo Nikon D7000, Nikkor 300mm AF f/4 lens combined with a 12mm Kinko auto extension ring.  There are a few photo’s (12) which where not taken from my kitchen window because I was not home to make the shot . . . but a photo was made each day of the project.   Like I said, I have mixed feelings about it coming to an end, it has been both a chore and a pleasure and often full of surprises . . perhaps the biggest surprise has been the number of species of birds (20) I have had visit my modest garden.  I believe I have kept to the spirit of my self imposed rules for the project, so there you have it for that.  Now what to do with 2 Terabyte of photos.  I have a few idea’s, e-Book, Post-card sets, sorry I am not rich enough to publish them as a book, maybe as a “print on demand” calender . . . there is no money to be made as stock photos such as through Getty, maybe licensing as sets through my own website but there again not much to be had now days.

On my To Do list for next year, Back to basics and Landscapes & lenses …

DowntoTheRiver  The above photo was made with a 100 year old meniscus lens from a vest pocket camera attached to my D7000 to evaluate the qualities of the combo.  I liked the softness of this lens (I have spoken of it in an earlier post here), it is not the fact of using that lens or that camera or how many megapixels but of creativity with a set of tools to create.  So the coming year will probably see a greater deal of exploring & creativity with these tools. I do enjoy the dreamy effect I can achieve in camera (NOT a bunch of filters or actions), you do know it is less work that way don’t you?  I do use Software that has canned filters and actions but what you see in 90% of all my photos is minimalistic usage of any filter, I do use layers more then anything else and perhaps a canned filter to get an idea.  Ok what do I use for software, Primary Software . . Corel Paint Shop Pro Latest Version, OnOne PhotoSuite latest Version, Adobe Lightroom (Non cloud version, the last I will purchase from them) I will switch back to Capture-One Pro 7 for the same reason I use Lightroom, it also works with my Medium format digital Phase One back.  Old software I still use on occasion, Z-Stacker freeware, Photomatix Pro (HDR), and a few other oddball software programs I keep for various weird things I play at.

So on the last bit about Ideas . . . there are far to many floating around in my old noggin . . . Next year is coming on strong, I look forward to playing with some New/Old film and some new film types as well . . Kodak Double-X looks fun (Parts Casino Royal where shot using this B&W film), I have to many old film relics lying around that need the love so expect some scans, some digital some DIY lenses and perhaps a few DIY cameras, even a pin-hole or two.

Happy Turkey day to all and a merry Xmas as well . . . I am sure there will be a few more post in between now and the end of the year . . .

Get off your duff and go make a picture, try film go natural !


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