365 Project – update

Day 308 of 365

Day 308 of 365

Thought I might post Today’s photo from my 365 Project.  With only 57 more days left in the Project it looks the be almost complete . . As it comes to a close I can honestly say I will be glad. I did not know how consuming this project would end up being. The sheer volume of photos taken, the greater volume of photos of “numbers” to use on each photo and the huge amount of time consumed in post editing each photo, sizing, cropping, layering of text and number photos into a final composite like the one above.
What I have learned about camera, lens and available light has been fun along with trying my best to not be to repetitious and yet keep it interesting and doable has taught me a lot.  As it turns out birds quickly became the overall subject, I was able to keep to my premiss of shooting “from my kitchen window” with the few exceptions being trips away that I could not be there at all for an available light shot.  I guess in hind sight I could have set up a intervalometer for the times I was gone but that did not cross my mind, besides I am a control freak and wanted only the best shots possible  for this project.   My friends always saw me shooting numbers where ever I seemed to be and most now refer to me as the “birdman“!!! I will accept that as a term of endearment from my friends and colleagues.  At this moment my Nikon D7000 & Nikkor 300 f/4 AF have endured 119639 shutter clicks since new I will have to go back to the first photo of the 365 project to see how many are attributed to the project and that will be a rough estimate anyway since I use my D7000 for many other things as well.   Some days I only shoot 20 or so shots, some days I shoot 200 or more, depends on the bird activity and how into it I am that day, I am always into Hummingbirds and do waste a bit of time photographing them, some days they are just interesting more so then others.  The Hummingbirds consume a lot of sugar water and I am constantly filling them, I only use sugar , none of the commercial “colored” mixes, that way I do not introduce any chemicals that might affect the birds.  I use a 1 to 4 part mix that would be 1/2 cup sugar to 2 cups water.  Use Only pure cane SUGAR ! , please . .  DO NOT USE sweet & low or other dietary substitute . . . the Hummingbirds NEED those calories in the real sugar . . . they are in NO danger of getting fat.
So here it is drawing to a close and I will have just a few Terra-bytes photos at the end of the year, at the moment I haven’t a clue what I will do, perhaps a calendar, or a coffee table book or postcard series . . . I am looking forward to a relaxing time of landscape photography in the coming new year . . . till then

You can visit my 365 album over on Google Plus to view the year so far at this link https://plus.google.com/photos/101346514804541774366/albums/5828618339283434609

If you like this please share it, have fun go make pictures


2 thoughts on “365 Project – update

  1. I commend you for sticking this project through to the end. And great photos too!
    I thought about doing it too but know business life prevents the realistic chance to shoot, process and show photos each day. But I am pondering the possibility of processing and posting one photo a day from my vast collection of unprocessed photos (still sitting in raw from the past 6 years). It might force me to complete some of them (lol).

    • Ron you should do it, by the time I finish this project I will have amassed a huge amount of bird photos just from my kitchen window, I am closing in on filling two (2) one Terabyte drives and I have documented over 25 species of birds that are visiting my garden as well as a years worth of the Hummingbird population (4 species) that visits . . You Travel and stop across the US in your travels to photograph . . what interesting shots you must have, I bet those 6 years worth would be very interesting. I’d say go for it!

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