Bangin those aperture blades

Fave Hummingbird Glass

Fave Hummingbird Glass

I have been Bangin away with this old Nikon 300mm f/4 AF telephoto lens for the last 8 months every day (my 365 Project) often putting roughly 350 shots (aperture actuation’s) on this old work horse.  I don’t hesitate and often do not even think about it.  By the end of the year it will have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 109,500 actuation’s of the aperture  blades and A/F screw (mostly set to f/6.3).  That is why I invest in Nikkor glass and not off brands.  I’ve had this lens since I used film SLR’s and it has seen 7 DSLR’s and is still going strong like the energizer bunny!!! As long as the camera body can drive an A/F lens (it must have a screw drive pin/motor in the body) this lens is viable.  Would I replace it? with a 2.8 perhaps but that is a major investment so I might just get another f/4, and it’d be AF-s which means it’d have a built in motor (more parts to fail)  but faster focusing, there’s a new one on the way I saw on “Nikon Rumors” but it’s a G lens which means no aperture ring . . I kinda like the ring Nikon!!!
So am I worried nope, would an after market lens keep up? It is all metal and built like a tank, can’t say that for others.  Sharper then a zoom lens, with few exceptions (my nikkor 70~200 f/2.8 as sharp or sharper) and with the higher ISO quality of the current cameras it can double for most sports shooting and my all time fave “Wildlife”.
So last word, don’t write off spending money on good glass, it’s an investment.  Cameras will continue to get better yes, but a good lens will outlast your cameras many times over.  Nuff said, get off your butt and go out and shoot.

Thanks for reading this, if you like it share it, comments appreciated.


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