All or Nothing

Basic Digital MF Kit

Basic Digital MF Kit

So what’s in a title  “All or Nothing” . . . very much you see.  We take our DSLR’s way to much for granted.  They are self contained and with few exceptions can capture a photograph with ease.  The most that goes wrong is you forget to charge a battery, put in a memory card but for the most part your not dead in the water.  Take the kit above, that is the bare minimum camera setup to capture a picture, and still it cannot do this without being tethered to a device to capture it for post processing . . .   You need a computer (laptop), and all the support gear to hold your camera in place.  There in is the problem with such a system and there in is the problem I faced the other day on a field trip to the near by foothills to do some landscape and flower photography.  One part can shut you down if it fails or you forget to bring it.  I tend not to be a fastidious person and rely on what I used to be put back in its proper place so it will be there next time I need it.
I packed my gear, drove into the hills, found a likely spot and loaded myself with the pack, tripod and a few other necessary items and set off up a gully for a few hundred yards looking for likely spots with ample flowers and such to photograph.  I found a beautiful spot with lichen covered rocks and poppies.  I eagerly set about finding a position and then setting the tripod, camera up, selecting a lens and focusing composing the shot.  All set I began to setup the tethering, hooking up battery, cabling, last part of the sequence is to install the back on the camera and plug in the laptop . . . Back installed and plugged in, laptop pulled out and set up, reach for the Firewire card . . . Hmmm, problem here, where is the card?  That is an integral part of the system and the only way I can attach the camera back to the Laptop.
All stop, commence searching every pocket in the bags (2), look around the ground and equipment to see if I may have set it aside . . . no card. .  Now what!  Well no shot will be made with the MF rig, so the only thing to do is pack it all away . . . once done I grabbed my DSLR, ya see it made the trip as well, along with an additional wide angle lens (12~24mm) so the day was not a total bust.  I made a few pix, did some additional shots I would not have made with the MF kit and hoisted all my gear and headed back down the gully.
Was the entire 1/4 mile hike in vain? no, I was just disappointed that I didn’t get to have fun using my MF rig and get a massive file to play with.  The D7000 is equal to the H-20 in a few ways but I have seen the files from the H-20 have greater latitude and dynamic range straight out of the camera.  I got home and processed the files, made a few posts and was pleased, Oh I did find the card, it was right where it should have been, I had transferred the gear to a different bag and had left the card in its designated pocket.  I guess I should make a check off card, such is the failure of complacency . . .
Here is the shot that I made with the DSLR . .

Blue Stone No.3783

Blue Stone No.3783

That’s my post and I’m sticking to it . . . Have fun . . . get off yer duff and go take a picture

Later taters, if you enjoyed this post please leave a comment or hit the like button, share it with a friend . . .



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