Project 365 update

Day 76 of 365 Project

Day 76 of 365 Project


As you may know, I have given myself a project 76 days ago . . . The objective is to photograph every day for 365 days and post it every day. Sounds simple enough eh!   Yeah, it did sound really simple so I made it more of a challenge . . . My goals are (1) if at all possible the photo must be from my kitchen window (I make allowances for the need to be away from my house otherwise it is from my kitchen window period), AND . . to add a bit more challenge . . (2) I shoot all the numbers (no computer generated ones) and (3) can only use them once per column. You see  that number 7 picture used in the photo above? well it will never appear in that column again, nor that 6 in the ones column . . meaning I am also continually shooting photos of numbers wherever I go.  Yeah, I have screwed that one up a few times already and had to fix em.  On average I shoot 100 pix per day, I guess I challenged myself pretty good eh!
So where are we at on this project?  I posted the other day that if I just average 100 photos a day that is 7600 photos so far, and lets say 3 hours a day are spent on this project, that is 228 hours invested so far . . . are you with me . . . projected out to the full 365 days . . .  that’s close to 1095 hours, 36,500 shots which equals 693,500 Mb’s @ 19 Mb’s per picture on average not counting the processed files that grow exponentially with each iteration . . . so that a 1 TB drive starts to look insignificant as a mass media storage device.  I wont mention the impact that just 36,500 shots will have on my shutter, lens aperture actuator, battery life, finger, eye fatigue and the stresses of an artificial deadline, commitment  and goal to produce consistently each and every day with no breaks, no pay, no vacation . . . slave driver he is I tell ya!

OH! …. wait! that’s right . . . this is a project . . . something fun . . I chose to do it!

I admit, it’s a crazy thing to do.  You make a commitment to yourself.  What’s the return you ask? simple answer, you come out the other end knowing more about yourself, your equipment, your eye, art, whatever you wish to call it.  If you complete it, you’ll be stronger because if you pick a theme, a subject, narrow the parameter you will obtain your goal with a keen eye and a strong commitment to the one person that counts the most . . . .


Later Guys & Gals . . . I have 290 more days to go . . . What? A 365 Project to much for ya! fine do a 52 Week one.  Yeah I challenge ya 1 shot a week for 52 Weeks. Post em too, oh . . and pick a theme, say hubcaps, or in a favorite spot looking at one object sort of documenting it, perhaps nail a tripod head to a post and shoot in one direction every weekend at the same time of day . . . you get the hint . . . make it a challenge not just some totally random crap . . . have some control . .

That’s it, I am outta here . . . later taters . . . .


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