Day 44 of my 365 Project


Tim’s 365 Project : Day 44 progress report  Well so far, so good . . things are progressing along pretty well on my personal photo project, to shoot a picture a day, for this project as well as shoot numerous photos of numbers everyday to use on this project as well . . . it all sounds so benign at first.  Here is how it initially was thought to be done, then modified after day 3 to the current routine so far.
My day starts at 4:45 AM getting up and preparing coffee and a healthy smoothy for myself and my gal (she is wakened when the coffee and smoothy are ready), let the cat (Heaven) in and feed her . . .

 . . the radio is on and I am catching the morning farm/traffic/weather report and national news for the day.  Mmmmm love coffee, I have gotten up at this time for so long it is second nature, I would probably get up from my grave at that time if the lid is not nailed shut! Anyway, the cat is fed and put out, I share the morning coffee and chit chat with my gal then she gets herself together for work and is headed out the door.  The Sun is hopefully up and there is no overcast to deal with (Thank goodness the Nikon d7000 handles high ISO well) else I am looking at ISO’s in the 2k range, even on the tripod I get a lot of blurry shots.  I have spread some seed and some other treats for the birds, refilled the Hummingbird feeders if needed and with that I grab the camera and watch the going-ons outside the kitchen window..
I enjoy the theater that ensues just outside my kitchen window each morning.  The community of birds is much like society, complete with group dynamics, bullies, romance and dinning.  There are the regulars “Sparrows of several varieties”, “House Finch’s”, one “Lincoln’s Sparrow”, one maybe two “Dark eyed Junco’s”, one “Costa’s Hummingbird”, several “Anna’s Hummingbirds”, a small group of “Lesser Goldfinch”, a “Scrub-Jay” and a “Mockingbird”.  That completes the daily community, there are some transient members and a few just passing through.SJ_7562
Have you guessed who the bullies are? The Costa’s Hummingbird and the Scrub-Jay . . . those are the two bad boys.  The different Sparrows will occasionally have spats as well as the Junco chasing each other about (hopping) to gain a choice spot with seeds . . “the grass is always greener in thy neighbors yard”.  While that ground war goes on there is a spat or two between the House Sparrow’s and House Finch’s in the aerial feeder with wing fluttering, posturing and seed flipping out and down to the ground which excites the sparrows and junco even more on the ground.  The Finch will later send in their ground brigade before all the seed is eaten from the ground.
Air combat is furious at times around the      sugar water feeders between the one lone Costa’s Hummingbird and teams of Anna’s attempting to wrest control over the feeders from the Costa . . . the aerobatics these birds are capable of is just amazing and no human pilot capable of.  In the end the Costa’s Hummingbird sits guarding over the feeders from a high perch puffing and posturing at any hummingbird or other small bird that this is his territory . . . it would make the Red Barron weep with joy at the little Costa’s bravado.


    So as all this is taking place, suddenly like some Sky Blue F117 stealth fighter the Scrub-Jay come barreling in scattering sparrows and finches to the wind and for side of the trees.  Mr Scrub-Jay will occasionally chase a few tail feathers through the limbs just to make his point that he! is the top Ace here, and all that her surveys is his domain.  He hops about and looks in certain places he knows treats have been found.  He is rewarded with a morsel (dry dog food) or two, he’ll pick as much up in his bill and be off.  His next move is to secret them in little cashes about the yard, no dummy here! save some for those lean days, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, in this case a morsel.  Once the Scrub-Jay is gone, life returns to some sort of normal and the routine starts again.
Well all this time I have been collecting those photons as Ones and Zeros filling up 16gig data card(s), yes sometimes plural . . it’s all fun and somewhat like a dance in front of the kitchen window . . . GAWD! hope no one sees me, dancing in my jammies with a tri-pod and camera . . oh now there’s a sight.  I collect my data card and throw the juice to the ol’ computer, everything spins to life and I am inserting the card . . .  “My precious!” . . . into the loader and uploading, sorting, categorizing all for that one image for the day.
Several hours have passed by since I started my day, sometimes I have captured an image really quick, sometimes it seems to take forever.  I have eaten, drank half a pot of coffee and am now deep in editing my picture(s).  A lyric from an old Sixties song comes to mind . . . “It doesn’t come easy” . . but suddenly there it is, I’ve sized it, layered it, composite my numbers (not using a number more then once in a column) and stylizing everything before submitting it to Google + and Face-Book.   Well I finally look up and Damn it’s already 11 AM, where did the day go, was I even having fun? Oh yeah, I promised to share what the first iteration of this crazy 365 project was . . just shoot pictures of numbers to post each day . . . Hmmmm . . . . where did this train leave the tracks.
Yes I am having fun, yes I chose a theme (and allowed for deviation when not at home).  The Kitchen window all 365 days “when home, otherwise a post from the road”.
Below is a sampling of the last 44 days enjoy . . .


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  That’s it for this post . . hope you enjoy, leave a comment at the end of the post, over and out . . I’ve gone walk-about with camera in hand.

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