Wow it’s already February

Well time is just a rippin by at some kind of warp speed right outta star-trek and I seem to not have enough of it!   I have been on the road a bit (taking pictures when I can), sick as a dog with this stupid flue! (finally getting over that), slimmin down the old bod a bit and putting together my new website Wild Side Photography  out on SmugMug which I am damn proud of and my 365 Project which I am posting daily out to Google+  . . . whew! is that enough?
On top of all that I am still retired . . . really! I am . . the daily chores . . ya know, House, cooking, car this car that!!! dogs need feedin, cat needs feedin, get groceries . . . seein the grand kids, fillin when needed as Baby sitter (I love that . . GRIN!).   So whats the big deal, time is flowin steadily on like an unstoppable river, I turn 60 years old this month  . . . WOW, I don’t feel it.  I also celebrate my 2nd retirement as well . . . wuuuat! yup, I have had two jobs long enough to retire from them, US Navy for 20 and as a County Computer repair geek for 16 and a few shorter job titles in between, Dishwasher, Soda-jerk (for real just like on “Happy Days”), service station attendant, Newspaper photographer both full time and stringer for the wire services (picked up news worthy jobs for “API” Associated Press International and “UPI” United Press International), my own Photography business, Substitute High School Teacher . . . and just a few more odd jobs in between.  WOW that’s a lot of time just working. Did I mention I finally retired . . . twice . . . yep. My friends are envious, but they really shouldn’t be as I work more now then when I was really working and getting paid.  Time seems the one thing that has remained a constant, I have had much fun with filling the small voids with photography and things related to it.

Day 40

Day 40

Here is my latest post for my 365 project to the right, basically I am shooting the birds that show up outside my kitchen window for the most part.  There have been a few posted from the various road trips I have been out on, but I do like my birds which seems to be the overall theme.  I added some extra challenge points by not using the same picture of a number more then once per column.  No fails so far but it is getting to be a challenge finding new numbers (styles-typesets) to photograph for this project.  Here are the steps I go through to produce that image to the right.  1) take picture, 2) upload to computer, sort & rate pictures and select one, 3) format and re-size picture and edit, 4) Load numbers (pictures) and template, size and format numbers and layer into picture, 5) apply text to picture, 6) finalize picture, re-size and save as a PSD and final JPG 7) finally post to Google+, FaceBook  . . . I have it down to less then an hour now even with the use of pre configured templates.  Three time as long if I try and do this from the field as my laptop is not configured to process photos but rather a capture device for the Phase One H-20 digital back.  OMG, I do this every day!



Well I didn’t expect to be going on this long about my day. Anyway my new website is cool . . Has it’s pros & cons

Pros: I have a place to show & sell my photos again. It looks really nice and is user friendly all the way down to a customer selecting, paying and getting a print.  The hosting is spectacular. The tools are robust.  It can be easy to build a site.

Cons: I hate writing code . . HTML, JAVA, CSS . . any code, sitting at the PC is wasting time I could be out shooting, it takes work to but in the end it will pay off.   The Hosting is expensive I hope to break even.  It can be more expensive if I didn’t already know how to code or understand website building as their basic Templates are meager by any means.
So I could go on n on but I wont, it is worth every penny, I am having fun and hope it gets the exposure I need it to get.  Well that’s all I want to write for the day, hope everyone has fun . . the last two photos are from my most recent wanderings down the coast of California . . .

Sunset Golden gate Bridge

Sunset Golden gate Bridge


Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse


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