365 Project – Oh wicked me

365 project, a photo project

Taking a photo a day is a big undertaking with a lot of work. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider doing it:

  • You’ll be able to look back at any day of your year and recall what you did, who you met, what you learned…
  • Your year-long photo album will be an amazing way to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. Time moves surprisingly fast.
  • Most of all taking a photo a day will make you a better photographer. Using your camera every day will help you learn its limits. You will get better at composing your shots, you’ll start to care about lighting, and you’ll become more creative with your photography when you’re forced to come up with something new every single day. P.S. even a Camera Phone

One thing that most people do not realize about photography is that you will learn about your camera, also, about yourself along the way.  A 365 project doesn’t even have to be posted, but it is more fun when you get feedback from friends and strangers.  You will learn your dislikes and likes depending on your subject or idea you choose. Choosing a theme or subject is not easy, if your really stumped google it (365 photo theme) and get a start that way.  Nope you do not have to wait until Jan 1st to start, Start one today.  If  taking a picture a day seems a bit to daunting the trim your goal down and just do a 52 project . . pick one day out of the week and set a time to go and take a picture, of say your new kitty growing up, capture the changes of a tree over the course of the seasons, your own hair and styles you go through in a year . . it is fun.

Here are some more of my own theme, which started out as just a picture of a new number for each column for the 365 count up and has evolved to include a picture of the birds and mostly the Hummingbirds that visit my feeder(s) with photos taken from my Kitchen window (actually through my kitchen window).

Is it fun, yes. Why do it, because it keeps me from getting bored (not that I do not have enough to do), and helps me set goals because I have recently retired from the 9-5 rat race.  With out further chatter here are some more Project 365 shots, hope they motivate you.  You can find me on Google Plus TIM SCOTT click my name and you will be taken there.

Day- Fluffy Day, House Sparrow

Day- Fluffy Day, House Sparrow

Day 08, Male Anna's

Day 08, Male Anna’s

Day - 09Male Anna's at Rest

Day – 09
Male Anna’s at Rest

So OK . . . there ya have it, something to do, some idea, hopefully this will motivate you . . or if not and you just want to follow along and see where this takes me then very well.  Basic idea for mine is I can only us a picture of a number once in any one column, so that 9 you see for Day-09 can only show up again in the 10’s column once more. So in the 100’s column there will be twelve No. 1′, No. 2’s, No. 3’s . . . that’s the easy column . . . have you figured out how many other shot’s I will need to complete this yet? Wicked huh, well work anyway as I hunt for new numbers to take pics of . . makes photographing the Hummingbirds each day the easy part.  Are you game for it? Makes standing in front of the mirror each day easy to do as well, or perhaps 52 shots (that’s one a week) from the same tripod marks to document it’s life, or perhaps 365 sunsets from your bathroom window which looks out over the Golden Gate bridge . . . and the list goes on.

later . . . I am off in search of new numbers to photograph. Have fun and thanks for visiting . .


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