Big Glass for Large Format Cameras

Big Glass . . a term used for long Telephoto lenses, mostly by Sports shooters, Wildlife & Bird Photographers, but not often associated with Large Format Cameras.

I am fortunate to own two Long Telephoto type Large Format lenses (Nikkor 360/500 mm, Fujinon T 400 mm), they have two uses with large format cameras. (1) compressing distance and (2) shortening the required bellows length to focus at infinity (bellows draw).  I mainly use either lens for its ability to compress space such as the previous posted “Abandoned Kiln” picture. I have been using my Large Format lenses with the Phase One “H-20” digital back for some time now and have enjoyed those traits as well as one more that is unique to Large Format, any lens becomes a tilt/shift lens as that is one of the benefits of using a monorail Large Format camera like the “Horseman 450“.

Seen below is the Nikkor  T 360 f/8 with the Rear Converter element cell that makes it into an awesome 500mm f/11  when exchanged for the rear 360mm element cell.  Yep . . you can change it in the field.  Some of my friends look at my Large Format gear and shake their heads in amusement and the awkwardness of the system (computer tethered image capture taken to its limits, want to see awkward read Stephen Johnson’s,  “On Digital Photography” published by O’Reilly), but it is no more cumbersome then using a standard Large format camera in the field.

Nikkor T 360/500 f/8~11 Large Format lens

Nikkor T 360/500 f/8~11 Large Format lens

I have used this lens/camera system for a number of photos and can say like its sibling 35mm camera/super telephoto rigs you have to exorcise camera techniques that lend themselves to stability along with a sturdy tripod/head combination.  Vibration from wind, traffic if roadside or even walking nearby can ruin a shot due to the slower shutter speeds used, (shooting at ISO 50 or 100 make for exposure times up to 1 minute).  I also tend to use ND filters to further lengthen exposures when shooting water or controlling the amount of light when using shutter-less lenses or home made lenses.

Well that ends the post for Equipment . . Here is the daily shot I share on my Facebook page and G+ page for my 365 picture Project


Male Anna’s Hummingbird

I used the following equipment for the above photo; Nikon D7000, Nikkor 300mm f/4 plus a 12mm extension tube to allow closer focusing distance.

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