Welcome in 2013

So here we go . . into the Year 2013

As I write this I think back so many years ago when as a child I played with cardboard boxes, entertained myself with being out of doors, explored the yard, the neighborhood, climbed about, fell a few times (maybe once to many … that’s why I am me . . huh!), dreamt of a future that was wild beyond only ones imagination and the science fiction books and writings of Issac Asimov or the many other science fiction writers . . . I could not imagine a world so distant as the year 2013.  What dreams they had for mankind, what Horrors as well! No flying cars, no personal jet packs, no colonies on Mars or the Moon . . no cities under the sea.  We didn’t annihilate the human race, but it hasn’t become the utopia of science fiction either.   I think of all that I have been witness to, Black & White TV, Man’s first flight into space, A great president assassinated, A man walking on the Moon, color TV ,  polaroid instant pictures, and slowly the rush began.  I graduated high school, Avoided the draft and Viet Nam by going to college, got fed up and joined the Navy, The cold war was the big deal, I felt I was doing my part.  The computer came of age, I got my first desktop PC then soon I was running a BBS (bulletin board System) at 1200 then 14.4 then 28.8 . . . the explosion of the computer, technology was springing forward every day it seemed . . Film was still king and I kept shooting B&W, worked for a newspaper, strung for UPI & API . . . the world was crazy . . . the cold war heated up . . . cooled down . . . I seemed to be at the leading edge of war(s) floating everywhere on ships, my family (2nd marriage) grew up with out me . . two boys only knew their dad was always gone.  My Photography lapsed . . . I became withdrawn . . . I went to War again in Desert Storm (This one was actually called a war) craziness ensued again . . . technology advanced . . . I made it through only to get hurt and finally retire from the military (probably the best thing ever for me . . retirement) . . . I wind up working again in Computers and along comes digital photography . . a novelty at first with 2 MP sensors in POS cameras . . . and I once again watch the succession and growth of a new technology . . . Digital Photography . . . I play with a Nikon D-70 and am impressed with the abilities and it’s priced where I can get one . . . I do not know if I want to leap big or not so I bite with a D-50 . . . well it is an entry level and I soon want more as it does not allow me enough control and I have pushed it as far as I can.  So I get a D-80, a D-200 both outstanding and I push even more . . I am once again hooked like some junky but instead with the pixels and immediate gratification the rear screen brings . . Yes I still shoot film, but, it is slowly eroding and I shoot less and less film but always wanting more and more pixels and resolution. A D2Xs is acquired, A Phase One H-20 comes along  (16 MP) and depth but at a cost (mobility) it must be tethered to a computer (about the same as shooting with a 4×5 it’s mobile enough) . . lastly a Nikon D-7000 graces the stables . . . but the technology keeps moving and me?  Well, I have begun to slow down again, no longer driven by Mega Pixels . . depth . . . etc . . etc … now I just enjoy the pleasure of creating, capturing photographs that please me.  By the way, still have not seen and flying cars, personal jet packs, personal robots (other then in the movies) . . yes we have automated houses, computers in our pockets, world access to instant news, War, 911 , bad crap everywhere, diseases that will kill you out right, eat your flesh . . we still have hunger, poverty and old age . . I never dreamed I’d be living in 2013, I hope I see the year 2020.  I turn 60 next month, I have seen the world rush by . . . I was able to ride the tiger for a time, but now it’s time to relax.  I will continue to play with my cameras, many as old as I . . so Welcome in the New Year of 2013 . . . I never thought I’d be here . . . only in my dreams.

Day 1

Day 1 of 365


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