Pastel colors in Landscapes


Abandoned Kiln, California

This was taken in late November of 2011 with the following equipment, Horseman 450, Nikkor M-200 f/8 Large format lens and the Phase One H-20 Digital back + laptop as a storage device for the raw images.  Post processing done in Capture One & Adobe Lightroom 3.X.

Nikkor M-200 f/8 Large format lens, is an f/8 to f/64 lens capable of magnificent sharpness and color rendition, it is a small and light lens.  The Large format lenses by Nikon are no longer made but must be purchased on the used market.  With the advent of digital they are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

M series 200mm f/8 Nikkor Large Format lens

The color depth and detail are remarkable using the H-20 back.  One of the biggest problems with using a tethered camera is mobility of course, but it really does not limit the abilities of equipment.  When one thinks of it, such photographers as Clyde Butcher show us the way when it comes to abilities and limitations of oneself.  Butcher will carry all the equipment and supporting materials for an 8×10 or larger film camera into the swamps and wilds of Florida to create some of the most fantastic B&W photography being produced by any present day photographer, I am sometimes ashamed that I should complain about carrying what equipment I do.  I should be doing so much more.  I have set a goal for this next year to be out and about doing more landscape & wildlife photography, but it depends on economics and gasoline for my car.  Being retired has as many disadvantages as it does advantages.  Looking into a smaller car perhaps, but I need to get out much more, California is not known for its public transportation infrastructure . . so a personal car is a necessity.

Well there ya have it, my post for the last day of October, 2012.  Happy Halloween or Samhain to all.


Next Post: A picture of a typical setup for using the Large format camera and how I carry it all.


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